Reptiles or warming up the apartment

My spouse’s reptiles use a lot of electricity every week, they each need special oil gas furnaces & UV lighting & it gets to be pretty high-priced.

All of those heat lamps also make the apartment certainly warm, i’ve been trying to save money by almost never running the air conditioner however I’m not doing that anymore; Last weekend, our spouse came apartment with yet another snake he got from an internet add.

I was already feeling grumpy because the apartment was warm & the reptiles’ heat lamps were not helping any, then while our spouse set up everything for his new snake, I decided to crank up the air conditioners. If the reptiles get climate control then all of us do not suppose it’s too much to ask that I have climate control too. After our spouse got done setting up the snakes tank, he went over to adjust the air conditioner thermostat. I told him he better not. If he touches that thermostat, all of his reptiles are getting kicked out of the apartment & he has getting kicked out with them, then he backed away from the thermostat suddenly. I suppose I’m going to make a habit of this. I wouldn’t mind the reptiles in the apartment so much if I did not assume that I had to suffer because of them… From now on, I’m turning on the air conditioner whenever I want. If he complains about the electric bill, then he can get rid of a few reptiles & it’ll go back down. It’s time I start sitting up for me & our comfort.

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