I was not impressed with my friend’s book, although I tried to be nice about it

When my neighbor wrote a book about how to be successful, I was a little nervous to study it because my neighbor wasn’t even successful herself.

I thought I would study it anyway & then try to be positive about the book.

She was saying things love to be successful you have to have your head in the right locale. I suppose you can’t argue with that. She then was talking about how you have to splurge on things that make you ecstatic so that you can live the life that you always wanted. I didn’t particularly believe this was fantastic advice because you have to save currency to beginning a business & wasting all your currency is not exactly sound advice. She spoke of a time when she invested in a fantastic Heating & Air Conditioning system & it made her particularly ecstatic. She said that investing in a nice Heating & Air Conditioning system was what inspired her to write a book about achieving success. I thought this was really ridiculous, & again, she is not even successful. If anything, she has a lot of debt that she has to spend money off. I believe the biggest concern with my neighbor is that she knows nothing about success. She could maybe write about things that make you ecstatic in life, or what not to do in life, but success is not something she should be writing about. When she was asking myself and others about what I thought of her book, I told her it was not exhausting & then changed the subject! Because I knew how much she loved her Heating & Air Conditioning, I asked her more about it love if she had a smart thermostat.


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