My wife asks for a divorce because I say the two of us can’t afford radiant radiant floors

I was stunned recently when our wife was saying that the two of us had to get radiant radiant floors installed in the house.

I said the two of us would have to save up for something love that because the two of us genuinely couldn’t afford it.

This made her mad and she said that our baby needed radiant radiant floors to be comfortable in the house. I thought that was absurd that she was using our baby as an excuse to get the radiant radiant floors. I didn’t have a complication with getting the radiant radiant floors, however truthfully the two of us could not afford it unless a single of us gave up our car or something major love that. I didn’t realize how agitated she was and before I knew it, she was asking for a divorce. She said if I couldn’t provide her with what she needed, what was the point of being together. This was severely hurtful to me, and I couldn’t guess what was happening. The absurd thing is, none of it made any sense. I told her the two of us didn’t have to get a divorce, I would even sell our car and get something low cost so that the two of us could get the radiant radiant floors. She said it was too late, and she filed for a divorce. We became legally separated and before I knew it, she was seeing another guy. It became clear to me that she must have been cheating and wanted some excuse to get a divorce so she could be with this other guy. This genuinely makes our blood boil, however I think I have no choice however to move on.

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