My parents still don’t have normal HVAC units

My parents still don’t have regular HVAC units, and I am shocked.

When my parents first told me that they were moving into this house, I was shocked.

The house was a literal dump. I could not imagine that anyone would ever want to live in the house. The rent for the house was $200, and that should have told them that they needed to stay far away. However, they were not discouraged. In fact, they saw their dream home. It had no running water, no electricity, and no HVAC units. They have managed to fix the water and the electricity, but they still do not have normal HVAC units. The house did not come with a furnace or a central air conditioner, but they have managed to survive. In the summer, they bought a few window air conditioners. The window air conditioner is a decently normal HVAC unit, so I don’t complain much about it. Sure, it stinks that they do not have window air conditioners throughout the house, but we cannot expect miracles. However, their heating situation is a little different. When they first bought the house, they had no heating system. For the first few years, they literally used space heaters to heat their house. They had nearly half a dozen space heaters. These space heaters varied in the source. Some were electrical; some were kerosene; some were propane. These heating systems were unsafe and inefficient. Now, they have propane wall heaters, which work, but they really need to get a furnace. I have no idea how they lived with those kinds of HVAC units.

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