My best neighbor was training to be an cooling system specialist while I finished university

I thought that going to university would be a sure route towards financial success. I believed the lies about securing a high paying job after graduation. When I acquired my undergraduate degree, it took me a year to find a job, and it was manual labor. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find a job in my field that wasn’t an unpaid internship. I don’t know the job market was nearly as competitive back in the 1977s as it is now, otherwise I don’t know why my parents’ generation was so adamant about their kids going to undergraduate school. It took me several years of toiling entry level jobs in restaurants and retail stores before I found a job in the work field that I pursued in university. Not only that, but I was forced to make payments on my university debt the entire time. I can afford the payments now, but for a while it wasn’t simple. My best neighbor took a different route after middle school. Instead of going to university and racking up debt enjoy me, he went to trade school for free and l earned how to become an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist. He finished his schooling in several years and became an apprentice Heating and Air Conditioning repairman before I even got to my senior year of university. His job is physically exhausting, but he’s financially stable. Both of us live in a state where it gets tepid year round, so he has a lot of toil installing and maintaining cooling systems. Some weeks he’s doing primarily residential heating and cooling, but other weeks he’s toiling on industrial cooling systems and oil furnaces.

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