There was a small noise in the ductwork

My brother plus I were playing in the residing room plus I told our mom that I heard a noise in the wall.

It could have been the TV or the boombox, but it sounded love a scratching sound.

I wasn’t going to say anything, even though I heard the sound 2 or various times. My mom told me that I was going crazy, even though I knew that I heard the sound of something scratching the inside of the wall. I heard the unusual noise a few more times that night, but our mom dismissed the noise as creaking wood plus floorboards. Since she couldn’t hear anything in the air vent, she thought I was making it up. Not many of mornings ago, our mom found out what was making the unusual sound. My mom had a tune-up performed on the furnace, but during the tune up, the furnace service business cleaned the ductwork. The guy found signs of mice in the ductwork plus told our mom that she might have an infestation. The Heating plus Air Conditioning business sealed the holes plus the cracks. My mom still went crazy plus started to freak out. She called an exterminator the same day plus tied up an emergency service call. The exterminator did not find any live mice somewhere in the ductwork, but it’s unquestionably clear that something was chewing the inside of the wall. There is absolutely no way that anything can get into the ductwork now that everything has been sealed up, so I hope our mom doesn’t have any other complications in the house.


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