I thought my son was nuts when he talked about installing an HVAC in his new home

I honestly thought my son was nuts when he was talking about installing his own HVAC system in the house he just bought.

I was proud that he bought his own place, but I wasn’t sure if his head was in the right place taking on an HVAC installation. First of all, I had to point out the fact that he was no HVAC professional. He never had any schooling and an online HVAC certification I didn’t think was feasible. Anyway, he spoke of the online videos and tutorials he studied to install a ductless mini split. He said it wasn’t very complicated at all and he said these HVAC systems could be installed without an HVAC professional. I remained skeptical but I told him not to do anything without me being there. I just wanted to make sure he didn’t do something stupid or get himself killed. I mean, I already thought it was stupid he was installing his own HVAC being a non-professional, but he was determined to make this happen. I was a little agitated when he first got started with one of the most simple tasks and that was setting up the base for the outdoor condenser unit. He just had to make the ground level for the base. I told him he could always pour cement to make a level base, but he just used something he purchased from the store that was cheap. He struggled to make it level, but I ended up helping him out with that. He did alright with everything else surprisingly, though I was nervous at times, especially with the electrical work. He completed the installation though, and it worked beautifully. I guess it wasn’t such a terrible idea after all, even though his HVAC warranty is probably void.



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