My wife was always into zoned HVAC systems

When I first spent time with my wife, she always kept the kitchen in her home as cold as possible.

She had a zoned HVAC system and it was pretty neat that there were customized temperature control settings in every room.

That was something I knew nothing about until I met her. When we got married and bought a home of our own, she insisted that we have a zoned HVAC system. Together, we decided to have a ductless mini split installed. In some of the rooms, we even have the ceiling units which are really cool. It’s also nice because the HVAC system is smart, so we can adjust the temperature control settings in different zones easily with our smartphones. It’s especially nice when we go on vacation and we can check the status of our HVAC system on our phones. This is a particular concern in the winter months when we go to vacation in the tropics. We want to make sure the heating system never fails or we might have to deal with pipe bursts and other crazy things like that. So far, we have never had any issues with our HVAC system. We do get regular HVAC system maintenance of course, and because of that, we are pretty confident that we will never experience any major issues. We also have friends and family who check on our home when we are away on vacation. When we are home, people love dropping by because we always have such amazing temperature control settings. It’s easy to get away with this because we focus all the heating or cooling energy in the areas that we use the most, especially while entertaining lots of guests.


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