The cooling workman seemed buzzed, but he did okay work

We had a bit of a conflict when the cooling workman dropped by.

First of all, our cooling system wasn’t working for about 3 days because that’s how long it took to get a cooling workman to our home.

We had been getting by with the window A/C units, but we were getting sick of that fast. They just weren’t able to provide enough cooling for the entire home, especially during a heatwave. Well, the cooling workman was a big disappointment for us. First of all, he seemed like he had been drinking. We certainly could smell alcohol and we didn’t think that somebody just happened to spill beer on his shirt. He had a bad attitude and was acting like he just wanted to get out of there. He seemed entirely reluctant to do his job even though we explained what needed to be done. We were a little hesitant about letting him work in his inebriated state, but we were desperate to get our central cooling system working again. He worked for about 30 minutes before he got the thing working which I thought was impressive for somebody who had been drinking. He didn’t bother to explain anything, he just said the bill would come in the mail and he walked out the door. We didn’t have any issues with the cooling system after that, so we decided not to complain about the guy. We were honestly just happy that the house was finally beginning to cool down and we were able to put the window A/C units away.

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