The HVAC professional was taking his sweet time on the job

It was shocking the other day when the HVAC professional came out to work on our ductwork cleaning and take care of an issue with the A/C system.

I have seen lazy people, but this guy was unbelievable.

He would work for about 15 minutes and then go for a smoke break. My wife was baking some muffins too and this guy asked if he could have some after his smoke break. My wife didn’t have any issue and was pleased that he took interest. He took his time to munch on that muffin and then kept asking for drinks. I swear this guy was asking for another drink every 30 minutes or so and it was starting to become annoying. Part of the reason was that he was going to the bathroom like crazy. I swore at this rate, he wasn’t going to be done until the following day. I was right about that too, he spent most of the day working on the ductwork and then got around to the troubles with the HVAC unit. I can’t say that he did a horrible job, it was just that he took forever, and a major part of that was that he didn’t seem motivated to do the work. He would even strike up conversations with us like we were his best buddies or something. He was a nice guy and all, but I just wanted to have my HVAC system working at full capacity, and then I wanted this guy to be on his merry way. Sadly, we had to have him come back the next day to finish the work with the A/C system. I was tempted to ask the HVAC company for somebody who worked faster, but I just waited it out with this guy. My wife made him cookies this time and he drank all of our milk!

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