A bonfire would be better, but a space heater will do

I just left the beach after hanging out with my friends for a few hours.

All of us played volleyball for an hour, until the sun set, and what a beautiful display of colors mother nature provided.

Beaches are remarkable, they feel like a monastery to me. I need to visit the beach a few times each week to clear my mind and know the vastness of the sky above me. To me, going to the beach is similar to meditation, which is why it’s so alluring. The winter is the time when we all want to bring out our space gas heating systems to keep warm. They have some compact units that are easy to transport and will keep you warm on those chilly Winter afternoons. We have a radiant heating system that genuinely emits heat and keeps us warm. We must opt for a legal alternative that is cost-effective since we are not allowed to have bonfires on the beach. In addition, I am interested in small portable battery-operated space gas heating systems since they require no gas and they are very easy to charge. Ideally, I’d like to have a nice wood burning fireplace on the beach, but that’s not possible, so we go with the next best thing to keep warm on the beach and bring a gas heater. I can’t wait for summer time though, with the natural heat that the sun and earth provide. Mother nature has her own fireplace to keep us warm.


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