A wood burning system would be great if it was possible

After hanging out with my friends at the beach for a few hours, I just left.

We played volleyball for an hour or two until the sun went down, and what a beautiful display of colors Mother Nature showed us at night.

It feels like I can never get enough of the beach to me, it is like a monastery to me. I go to the beach several times a week to clear my mind and contemplate the vastness of the sky above me. I know that is why I am drawn to it so much. We like to gas space heaters out in the winter to keep warm. The units they offer are entirely portable and easy to transport and will keep you warm on those cold Wintertide nights. This heating system keeps us warm and fully disperses the heat. Bonfires aren’t allowed on the beach, so we had to choose a cost-effective alternative. I also enjoy the small, portable battery-operated space heaters because they are easy and convenient to use, because there is no need for gas, and they are easy to charge. My ideal situation would be to have a nice wood-burning system on the beach, however as that is not possible to do. We opted to use the next best thing to keep us hot and bring a gas heater. I can’t wait for Summer though, with the natural heat that the sunshine and earth provide. Mother nature has her own fireplace to keep us warm.

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