I have to go to the beach often

I just left the beach after hanging out with our friends for a few hours.

We all played volleyball for a couple hours until the sun went down, as well as enjoying the beautiful colors nature displayed to us at night.

Going to the beach is like meditation to me. I think that is why it is so alluring to me. I must go to the beach a few times each week to clear my mind as well as feel the expansiveness of the sky above me. Winter is a time when we love to bring out our small heating systems to keep warm. They have some particularly compact units which are easy to transport as well as help keep you warm during the cold Winter season. Radiant heating is a heating system that emits heat as well as keeps us warm. We are not allowed to have bonfires on the beach, so we need to find a legal alternative that is cost-effective. I also love the small battery-operated space heaters because there is no need for gas, and they are incredibly easy to charge. We would love to have a nice wood burning fireplace on the beach, but that is not possible, so we bring a gas heater along with the next best thing to keep us warm. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the warm season, with the natural heat provided by the sun and the earth. The earth is nature’s fireplace.


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