Divorce and bad HVAC

My parents divorced when I was a little kid.

  • This was perhaps the toughest thing I could have dealt with as a child.

So to myself that if I got married and had kids, I just wasn’t getting divorced. Well, sitting inside the less than total quality heating and air of this apartment clearly that’s not how it turned out. I’m living in a not so great apartment although I own a home that has some of the best residential HVAC a person could buy. It’s a sad thing getting divorced and I hate that it had to happen. Could have been worse though, at least my wife and I didn’t get to the point where we hated each other. So that’s a positive because we started out as great friends and we ended up just falling out of love. That happens over the years as we grew apart. Thankfully, there are children involved. Yet, there is a house that we have to sell. We’re actually trying to figure out just what to do for the house in order to get the most out of this huge real estate market. Our realtor suggested that we upgrade the HVAC equipment. The fact that we just did that not too long ago seems a bit much. But I’m almost willing to do it simply to get the house sold and quickly just so I can get out of that apartment. I’m for sure ready to have quality heating and air again. Living on my own is tough enough. And the future seems terrifying. So living without decent heating and cooling just won’t do.


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