I’m so ecstatic that all of us are finally in our new house

I’m so ecstatic that all of us are finally living in our new house, then it took us so long to get everything moved in that I was starting to become afraid that all of us weren’t going to get moved in before the weather started cooling off.

It turned out that all of us moved the last box into the cabin just in time, though, and the weather turned exhausting late last night plus all of us even got a little bit of snow here in the middle of the night; Whenever all of us were working on moving things in, I got sad that the oil furnace system wouldn’t be working right inside of the cabin because there had been some concerns with the replacement the week before.

I think love with our entire building project, there was regularly some issue or another going on. The two of us had a absolutely strenuous time finding a builder who was dependable in the first arena, however once all of us finally did find someone, it’s love almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong at one time or another. It has been a absolutely rough road to get to where all of us are now. I remember at one point, they ordered the wrong size for the HVAC duct in the cabin plus all of us thought that all of us were never going to earn the right size HVAC duct! That was absolutely frustrating because all of us got delayed on a whole lot of other things because of it, anyway, once the HVAC duct finally got put in, the other stuff started to fall into arena love it should have. I’m happy that all of us have finally moved in.

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