An exam on quality HVAC

It was our final year at the university, and my classmates and I were excited to be completing school, but at the same time, we were a bag of nerves because of the upcoming exams. I had done my bit by really studying for it. My dream was to work in the HVAC business. I wanted to be one of the most reputable HVAC professionals in the country, not just in the local business and even go on to own a company to help with indoor comfort for all types of properties. My dad, who had been an HVAC repairman for three decades, had allowed me to study. He did not know about the new HVAC equipment as he had retired a few months before the final exams. In the summer, I interned at one of the famous HVAC brands, and there I got first-hand experience working on the various HVAC units. The internship gave me more confidence in mastering and tackling HVAC installations and any HVAC maintenance. When I entered the exam room, I could feel the anxiety from my classmates. The first few questions were straightforward and referred to HVAC processes I had undertaken on my own during my internship. The last part of the paper, though, was the most difficult. It asked questions that I had no clue about. As I sat there looking at the thermostat in the exam room, my brain just started calculating and picturing scenarios. Even though I was conversant with the new technology, I found it challenging to come up with answers relating to the same. The exam covered almost everything about quality HVAC. Becoming an HVAC provider was still in the cards for me, regardless of how I did on this exam.

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