HVAC installation for a mobile home

We bought a mobile home to share with my sister because we want to live in different countries.

I kept wondering how we would survive in the heat or cold when seasons changed depending on where we were.

We needed quality HVAC that would sustain our need for help with indoor comfort but had yet to learn that there were various HVAC options for each size of home. We grew up without any HVAC unit, so I always thought it was only meant for big houses. While looking for options online, I came across HVAC installation options for a mobile home, but there were too many HVAC brands and options to pick from we didn’t know which would be the right one. After some consulting, we decided to consult an HVAC professional who would guide us through the purchase of new HVAC equipment and installation. Getting an HVAC provider involved in our acquisition was the best decision because we got a ductless mini-split that would help us with heating and cooling. We got all equipment from the HVAC repairman, who sourced it from the reputable HVAC business he works for. It’s six months since we got the installation, and it has served us perfectly in heating and cooling. We plan to have HVAC maintenance done by the end of winter with the same HVAC repairman we used for installation. We plan to move just before summer, meaning we shall be in a new environment during the hottest months of the year, so we have a thermostat installed to help us with energy saving. Our next service will also find us away from where we live at the moment, but our AC expert has promised to link us with a heating and cooling local business wherever we go if he can.

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