I ran into the HVAC company.

Being new in town, I didn’t know where any of the businesses were.

I had a few days before I had to go to work, so I went into town and starting finding my way around.

On my trip to my new location, I had noticed some odd things happening to my car. The car was new, and I thought I just had to get used to it. I had been up and down two streets, and made a note of the addresses of any businesses I may need to use. I was halfway up the third street when I noticed my car was speeding up. I pulled my foot off the gas, but there was no slowing it. I put on the brakes, and it tried to stop the car. I saw a child crossing the street, and I knew I couldn’t hit him, so I swerved the car. I ran right into a building. One woman asked me if I was drunk and told me I could have killed someone. The police and ambulance arrived together. When I told him the gas pedal was stuck and it was a child or a building, he nodded. Everyone was okay inside, but he wanted to know how I was. Other than shaken up, I was fine. That’s when I realized I ran into the HVAC company. It was the HVAC company I had been relocated to. I was to train the HVAC technicians in some of the newer HVAC equipment, and train someone to use the computers that ran automated systems. When I introduced myself, the HVAC technician asked if I couldn’t have found an easier way to make acquaintance.

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