The HVAC technician was late because he ran out of gas.

I got a phone call from the HVAC technician telling me he would arrive in approximately half an hour, but that was almost two hours earlier.

  • I was wondering what happened, so I called the HVAC company.

I explained about the phone call and how it had been two hours since he called. She chuckled and told me she had a funny story. The HVAC technician forgot to fill the gas tank that morning, and he was sitting along the road waiting for someone to bring him gas. I had to laugh, but I appreciated the honesty. About half an hour earlier, the HVAC technician called back. He apologized for the delay and told me he had run into some difficulty, but he would definitely be here in about fifteen minutes. When he pulled up, I almost laughed. I didn’t want him to know I knew what happened, so I had to keep a straight face. I asked if everything was fine, and he said it was an unexpected delay, and apologized again. I showed him where the furnace was located and went back to doing dishes. I could hear him talking to himself, since he left the basement door open, and it was right next to my sink area. He was calling himself a stupid idiot. I knew he was talking to someone when he said he was stupid and forgot to fuel the service van before leaving this morning. When he said, ‘Oh, man!’, I wondered if he was talking to the HVAC dispatcher and she told him I knew. When he came upstairs, I was careful not to say I overheard his discussion. I just wanted to pay him for his service call, and then I could laugh.

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