Glad to welcome new thermostat

Well, at least I’m going into the heat season with a new tool this Summer.

We are mere weeks away from the real heat and humidity settling over us like a hot, damp pillow case. I swear, the Summer here feels like it’s actively trying to choke me out. But this is where my wife wanted to retire so that’s what happened. During the last year of my career, I spent my days inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office making a smooth transition happen. My wife was doing the same thing. We had already figured out where down south we wanted to live and she basically went from there. I was fine upgrading the HVAC equipment on the old house and selling it. That needed to happen for sure. It was just too much house. But I could have easily settled down in our home town for the duration. The Winter didn’t bother me as much as it bothered my wife though. And she was determined to get back to her southern roots. I totally get that and was eager to make that happen as she spent so many years up north for me. But I don’t think I could have been prepared for the four months of pure heat and humidity that is our Summer. It has cost me a fortune in air conditioning costs. Hopefully, this new smart thermostat will cut the costs of cooling significantly this year. In an effort to get more acclimated to the heat before my second Summer, I’ve been leaving the heat pump off as much as possible. But once those temperatures go back to the 90’s, I’m turning it all over to the smart thermostat.

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