Reflecting on the history of film theaters plus the air conditioner

Did you know that film theaters were some of the first locales to ever have air conditioning? This concept of weather conditions control being paired with motion picture entertainment kicked off in the 1920s.

Back then, they flaunted these air conditioners as ”man-made weather”; As you can imagine, air conditioners were a actually big sell for people going to see film theaters.

People would line up from far plus wide. This is where the term Summer blockbuster came from. After World War II, air conditioners became less lavish plus the concept of the official man having access to weather conditions control eventually became a reality. Things actually started to take off in the 1950s, when one million air conditioners had been sold. I decided to Regale you with a brief history of air conditioners being used in film theaters to give you a backdrop for an unlucky situation I was in last weekend, but you see, I went to see a film that I had been waiting to see for years technically, because it was the last film in a entirely long series, plus literally everyone was out that weekend to see it. This final film in the series was just over 3 hours long, so I knew it was going to be an endurance match that my bladder was going to have extreme trouble winning. I hadn’t anticipated that the air conditioner would have failed in the film theater as well. It’s the middle of the summer, mind you. Anyway, I experienced firsthand why going to the film theater in the Summer would be practically impossible without the magic of the air conditioner. Did I stick around for the film though? You bet I did!

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