Heating and A/C warranty saves the day

It’s so interesting to be at the palace I am in.

The kids are now out of the home and off to university.

That means that we are ready to make certain changes around the house. The cost of heating & cooling our home is outrageous for only two people. That and the fact that we were spending much of our free time maintaining the house. So we replaced the Heating and A/C device then sold the home for a ton of money. We bought a smaller but modern apartment and installed the latest residential Heating and A/C unit. My spouse’s parents moved closer to us and they would visit us at the apartment often before finally moving in with us.They too had sold their home so this was quite a surprise. The in-laws said they didn’t want to bother us, so they moved into our backyard. So while we no longer actively parent the children now it’s easier to keep busy looking after my in-laws. My husband called me while working inside the commercial Heating and A/C office with an urgent request. His dad was planning to take apart the modern Heating and A/C device because he thought he heard something. I ran over there and showed him the Heating and A/C warranty. It clearly states that if the Heating and A/C device is handled by anyone other than an Heating and A/C professional, the warranty is void. I’m not thinking this is going to end well though but I will wait and see.


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