My mother in-law’s Heating and A/C worries

I have had a difficult relationship with my mother in law.

This has however changed since I moved here.

My father in law passed away a few years ago. He was actually a fantastic man and we had a nice relationship. My wife was devastated by the loss. But her mother was more concerned about upgrading the Heating and A/C device in order to sell that house. We were all grieving in our own ways but she didn’t seem bothered. But this was how my mother in law is on any day. Once she got the new Heating and A/C device installed in her home, she sold it for a good price. Before the closing even happened, she had a smaller home picked out and it was a few minutes from us. The Heating and A/C emphasis here is much older than where she lived all her life. The HVAC unit was important down here due to the excess heating. Summer time is bearable only with the right cooling unit. When she was buying the home down here, I tried to give my input since I knew the areas better. It was clear that the Heating and A/C device was not the best. But like always, she thought I was just being an idiot. That’s how bad a relationship I had with my mother in law who lives right around the corner now. So when the Heating and A/C device promptly stopped working at her place, she moved in. I avoided her problems because of my wife and even helped the mother arrange for the best Heating and A/C supplier to take care of her heating and cooling needs immediately.

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