Sunroom with a/c will take your room to a whole new dimension

When we first moved down here, all we wanted to do was stay active.

Having spent the last decade before our retirement getting fit, we weren’t going to waste it sitting inside enjoying the central a/c of our new house.

We moved to the land of the heat pump used from the snowy white north. Thai was definitely a big change for us. But a good kind of change that my spouse and I. We had both been thinking about and planning for nearly as long as we got our health back. I think the fact that when we hit our mid 50’s in such poor shape was a wake up call. We’d both worked so hard at the commercial Heating and A/C of our respective companies that we both neglected our health. We wanted to be sure to regain our fitness before it was too late. What’s more we wanted to travel to the south to enjoy an area where we could actually escape the cold during the winter. The idea of playing hockey and enjoying a winter outside was so awesome. We therefore wasted no time getting after it and quickly moved down here instead of staying inside the a/c all the time. To be fair, this has been a lovely decade so far and we keep looking forward to more. These days, we are slowing down a bit. While we still care about getting outside and doing fun, active things, there are days where we just aren’t up to it. Having the sunroom with the ductless heat pump installed was just what we needed for such days and situations as we both can’t stand indoor air quality without properly heating the air. However, we still enjoy the outdoors.


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