Winter prep helps save your heating and cooling system

For some reason my wife and I enjoyed the summertime season for the past few years.

This could be because of the central a/c we have always had.

That said, we never had Heating and cooling issues, thanks to our gas HVAC unit. Living in the north means that summers are mostly mild. It does get hot in a month during the peak of summer. But that’s about it. However, as we have gotten older, we tend to feel the heat in the home a lot more. Maybe it’s because we have slowed down considerably and often spend more time inside. So having Heating and A/C cooling system added to the old central a/c was a bonus that we weren’t expecting to like so much. My initial reaction was that we were spending money, I thought we didn’t need to spend on a/c since our heating and cooling needs are sorted. Yet, my spouse was rather insistent about getting the cooling equipment. And I have to say, she was right on the money with that call. We both have enjoyed the summers indoors, thanks to the new cooling that has been added. What’s sort of ironic is the fact that the last thing we do in the fall for winter prep is to protect the a/c. The Heating and A/C cabinet that does the Heating and A/C cooling sits outside the house. Usually, all I do is place a hard plastic shell over it to protect it from the obvious elements that fall on it during our harsh winter.


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