The easier times of life

Ever since things went crazy in the world 2 years ago with the COVID pandemic and all, life has been increasingly tough to survive and make a living in certain fields.

I happen to be in one of them, which is the heating and air conditioning business.

I can not remember the last time I had steady work in going to install or repair central heating and air conditioning systems. It seems that the only way people have been calling any kind of heat and a/c experts in the last 2 years has been if it was a true heating and air conditioning emergency. And even then they are calling heating and air conditioning companies and not independent heat and a/c workers like me. They have put off all of their HVAC tune up and check ups, their ductwork cleaning and any other kind of heat and a/c maintenance. Only the absolute emergencies when they had no heating or air conditioning has been the only time they are calling for heat and a/c home services. And again, they are rarely calling independent heating and cooling specialists. They feel safer I guess with the heating and cooling companies because they tend to be more strict with mask wearing than the independent heating and air conditioning specialists. I wear a mask always since the pandemic when on an HVAC job. But the customer doesn’t know that because it is not like I advertise it! Maybe I need to moving forward. I sure miss the easier times of life pre-2020.



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Don’t put it there

When you are moving your bed around the bedroom one thing you should never do is put the bed under an air vent of a central heating and air conditioning system.

Not only is that not good because you get direct air from the heating or the air conditioning being blown on you while sleeping, but it can also get you sick.

When you sleep your body temperature is different from when you are awake. So for instance too much air conditioning can make you freeze and catch a bad cold or worse. Then on the flip side if it is heating it could give you a dry mouth or sore throat if you have all that heating pouring down on you while you are sleeping. I learned all this the hard way when I actually moved my bed directly under the air vent of my central heating and air conditioning system when I first moved into this house. I did not even think twice about it until I got sick from having too much air conditioning blowing down on me. I was sick for a week with the flu because of it. I have since moved my bed to another part of the room obviously. But this was the biggest wake up call of all to never put your bed under the air vent of your central heating and air conditioning system. Too much of a good thing can easily become a not so good thing no matter what it is. Even when it comes to heating and air conditioning. That is just the way it is.


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My life has changed

Ever since I moved away from the southwestern part of the united states of america my life has changed for the better! Living out there I had so many allergy issues due to the bad air quality. It was so bad that I ended up having to invest thousands of dollars into a whole home air purification system which I have since sold off when I moved. Back here I no longer have allergy issues and the air quality is pretty good most of the time. It is so great not to have to rely on air purification systems just to survive anymore. I am so glad I am out of that horrible area of the country and I will never ever return even if someone paid me a million dollars to do so. Now the air quality is so nice I can actually open up my windows and enjoy natural good air quality. Something I nearly forgot even existed. Also with not having to run a whole home air purification system at the same time as my central heating and air conditioning unit anymore, my electric bills are so much lower. All around getting out of the southwest was the best thing I could have ever done for my quality of life. Great air quality, normal temperatures in the summer to where I do not have to run the central air conditioning is heaven! I never thought I would ever escape that awful place. But now that I have and am enjoying life again, I feel really wonderful all the time.

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The old west

One thing that I have always wondered about the old west is how on earth they survived without central air conditioning! It was always so hot from what I understand.

  • I am not even sure they had air conditioning at all.

I never recall seeing or hearing about even window air conditioning systems in movies and even history. Well, in history come to think of it the concept of air conditioning didn’t even exist. That is why it always made me wonder. I have seen fans and stuff. But when it was really hot wouldn’t those fans just blow around the hot air? That is what I would think. I know that I can not survive without air conditioning in the hot summer months here where I live. If I had to live in the old west I would for sure die before any cowboy even shot me! I would die from no air conditioning. We have all become so reliant on air conditioning today. Also heating come to think of it. But at least with heating in the old west if it was cold, they could light a fire or use a hot water boiler. I am still wondering though what on earth did they do for some kind of air conditioning? When I really think about the old west and even the caveman days it makes me really appreciate the technology we have today in heating and air conditioning. It must have been really rough living in the days before air conditioning existed. I am glad I was not alive back then!



I don’t like going to the movies

I may be in the minority here, but I was never a fan of going to the movies.

These days and for the last 25 years or more there hasn’t been anything in my opinion worth even seeing, but even before that I didn’t like going to the movies.

I preferred home video or TV to watch movies. The reason for this is because I have always found that in most movie theaters the heating and air conditioning is either too weak or too powerful! Either way I have always found discomfort from an overblast of heating, too little heating, or an overblast of air conditioning or too little air conditioning. Maybe it’s my body, I don’t know. But that is how I always felt. I was never able to enjoy the movie I was watching from being too cold or too hot in there. Also I hate being in a place with tons of people all around me when I am trying to watch a movie. But more than that it is just simply the random issues with the heating and air conditioning systems in those places. I guess because it is commercial heating and air conditioning in most theaters is why it can get to be too much at times. And when it’s too little it’s them trying to not make the heating and air conditioning be too much. It is just a real hassle to tell you the truth. I have not been in a movie theater in over 20 years at least. In my own home I can have the heating and air conditioning just as I like it!



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Going the extra distance

Being the sole owner of my own heating and air conditioning service I pride myself is quality over quantity.

What that means is I take my sweet time on a heat and a/c repair or installation job even if it means having to take less business that day.

By going the extra distance and giving the best possible service you will get more loyal customers that way and eventually build a guaranteed regular client base. Now I know that people’s central heating and air conditioning systems don’t break down every day or even every month. But there are other things in heat and a/c home services too you know? Like heating and air conditioning system tune up and check ups, cleaning the ductwork of the central heating and air conditioning system and also the upgrades and replacement of thermostats for the central heating and air conditioning system. I make my living off those things as well. And for extras like that of just general routine heat and a/c maintenance, that is what I mean by a steady client or customer base! Those you can get every single day if you have enough different loyal customers who always use your heating and cooling home services. I have built a good base over the last several years all from me going that extra distance on every single heating and air conditioning job I go on. It is just good business all around. This is how I operate and how I will continue to operate until it is time to retire.

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Asking a favor

I would have probably done the same thing for him if I was a certified heat and a/c specialist and I could repair central heating and air conditioning system units

My brother is a certified heating and air conditioning specialist. And because of this every so often I ask a favor of him when I have issues with my central heat and a/c unit. The last time my central heat and a/c unit broke down I called him before calling the local heating and air conditioning company for emergency HVAC home services because it was an HVAC emergency. My brother took that into account and came right over. He luckily able to get my central heating and air conditioning system back up and running within about an hour’s time of working on it. I was going to pay him for it at the discounted rate he usually gives me, but he refused the money and said it was a one time favor to do it for free. I could not believe it! Usually my brother is adamant about getting his money at the discounted rate he offers me. But this time I guess he was just in a good mood and wanted to be true family. That happens sometimes I guess. I would have probably done the same thing for him if I was a certified heat and a/c specialist and I could repair central heating and air conditioning system units. I will have to take my brother and his wife out to a nice dinner sometime soon or something like that. Because I just don’t feel right paying nothing. I have to give him something for saving me a ton of money on emergency heating and air conditioning home services from the local HVAC company.

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I really need sleep

I have been having major issues sleeping as of the last week because of the really horrible air quality that has plagued my local area.

I am not totally sure what to do at this point short of getting a whole home air purification system.

And to be honest I can not afford to get a whole home air purification system. As it is I was up almost 27 hours yesterday because of the allergies and the bad air quality. I slept a restless 7 hours but I feel awful as if I have not slept. Again, this is all due to the terrible air quality! I will probably have to take a nap today at some point if I can. The next best thing I may try to do is get a few portable air purification systems and place them in the bedroom. Having double the air purifier may be able to fight off the bad air quality just enough to where I can at least get some ok sleep. That is going to be my next course of action if this bad air quality keeps up beyond tomorrow. This is a very unusual thing and I have not experienced anything like this in my entire life up till now. It is not fun, I will tell you that much. I never before realized how important good air quality is until I experienced this and my body’s reaction to it all. Good air quality is what gives you a good quality of life!


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Need to know more

I am currently writing a paper on heating and air conditioning for my college journalism class.

The only problem I have with this is that I do not know a whole lot about heating and air conditioning other than how to turn it on and turn it off! So my extra job here is to now find out more information about heating and cooling.

With the internet at my disposal I have all the information in the world about heating and air conditioning available to me if I really take the time to sort through all that is out there. I will have to decide the true from the false and then try to take in all of the information about heating and air conditioning enough to be able to write this paper that I have to write. It has to be a factual thing in my own words rather than just copying things off the internet. So the whole idea is to take in all the information about heating and air conditioning that I can find and then translate it into my own story more or less. Which because I am a writer at heart I can do this with ease. It is just intaking all that information about heating and air conditioning and then making sense out of it all. It is going to take a little bit of time so it is good that they are giving me a good 2 weeks to get the paper done and turn it in. I am sure I will get an A grade if I take my time!


My second choice

It is always good to have a back up plan in place if your original plan for something does not work out. This is what I did when it came to attempting to become an independent heating and air conditioning specialist. I tried my hand at it for 6 months and it looked like it was not producing enough cash or jobs to make a living. So I closed down shop and went with my second choice, which was to work as a certified heating and air conditioning specialist for a well established major heat and a/c company. Because of my experience they hired me pretty much right on spot. And I knew that would happen because most heating and air conditioning companies would hire a well seasoned heat and a/c professional before they would hire someone fresh out of heating and cooling school. And the fact that I had 6 months of running my own independent heating and air conditioning business under my belt was a real help to everything. So i’ve now been working very steady at the local heating and air conditioning company for around 5 months now and all is well. I can easily see myself spending the rest of my work life at this heating and air conditioning company. The pay is good, the work is steady and as long as they do not go out of business there is one hundred percent job security here without question. It was great that I had a good back up plan all along!

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