Became a technical writer for HVAC

Several years ago I realized that I had been working in the wrong line of business for my entire life.

I always took professional jobs that involve staring at computer screens and punching numbers all day long.

I rarely got to fulfill any of my personal passions, such as being creative or writing. It became very obvious that I was meant to be a writer of some sort, since people continually commented on my articulation and way with words. That’s when I started looking for ways to dip my toe into the professional writing career. Unfortunately, the first thing that came up was being a technical writer for a local heating and cooling company. I am not exactly a technical writer, nor do I know anything about central HVAC systems. I inherently avoid technology and mechanical appliances such as air conditioners and forced air furnaces. I didn’t even know the first thing about AC window units, a portable heater, or an air media purification system. It was going to be difficult for me to write detailed instructions for other residential HVAC consumers to learn about indoor air quality control systems when I was so uneducated myself. I started doing a lot of research on central heating and cooling appliances, HVAC maintenance repair services, and indoor air quality in general. Luckily, the HVAC shop that I was suddenly employed for wanted to give me a lot of extra information on HVAC systems. They completely overhauled my central heating and cooling system and gave me a lot of expert learning materials to increase my knowledge on energy efficient heating and cooling solutions. This technical writing job has panned out better than expected.

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