It’s important to get service from a heating and AC professional

We’ve been in this rental beach house since early August.

This was the right place once we left the house we had spent the past three decades in.

Well, not quite three decades but easily close. Still, just the fact that the original Heating and A/C device went 23 years without causing issues, we both loved that house and it was heartbreaking to walk away from. But the fact that it was just too much house without the teenagers residing there, and the vastness of that empty house just drove home the fact that it was time for us to move on. When you’re parents for so long, it gets harder to focus on just your lives as adults. So my hubby and I knew that it was time to give up the family home. Ironically, it was the Heating and A/C system that was the tipping point for that move. When we learned that the old Heating and A/C system was not going to make it much longer, we took that as a signal to do other updates as well. My hubby and I chose to go with the latest in residential Heating and A/C and Heating and A/C technology on the advice of our real estate agent. It sure made the difference and we made a fortune on that house. Still, residing in this rental has given us motivation to own our own Heating and A/C system again. The heating and cooling system in this property is old and average. That would be one thing if it got service from a Heating and A/C professional. That doesn’t happen so the heating and cooling where we are now residing isn’t the best.
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He saved on air conditioning costs last summer

Michael loves it when he wakes up, walks outside to get the paper and does not hear the chorus of heat pumps greeting him. This is the time of year when the heat pumps go silent. That is until it gets chilly, and almost everyone thinks the sky is falling and hits the control unit, but even those chilly evenings are rare. Michael has been awfully satisfied to wake up and flip the control unit over the heating to knock the chill out of the beach house. This year, he’s loving the holidays all that much more with the fond memories of all the money he saved on AC costs last summer. This of course is when the heat pump gets after it. While it’s quiet in the winter, the heat pump is alive and kicking all the time providing cooling to the beach house for months on end. For the longest time, I sort of just leaned into the AC because that was the toughest thing to get used to when Michael moved down here. He just had never experienced that kind of heat. But that also comes with a price when it comes to all those cooling expenses. So this year, Michael committed to a strategy that he found out from the Heating, Ventilation and A/C business. All he did was go on the Heating, Ventilation and A/C expert’s website to learn how to save utility on costs when it came to cooling his beach house. Michael followed all the instructions and ended up saving so much money the year before.


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Everyone thinks the sky is falling and hits the thermostat

Leila was so glad to wake up, walk outside to get the paper and not hear the chorus of heat pumps greeting her.

This is the time of year when the heat pumps go silent. That is until they get some cold weather, and almost everyone thinks the sky is falling and hits the control unit. But even those chilly snaps are rare. But still, Leila has been awfully gratified to wake up and flip the control unit over the heating to knock the chill out of the lake house. This year she’s enjoying Christmas all that much more with the thoughts of all the money she saved on cooling costs last summer. This of course is when the heat pump gets after it. While it’s quiet in the winter, the heat pump is alive and kicking 24/7 providing cooling to the lake house all summer. For the longest time, Leila sort of just leaned into the cooling unit because that was the toughest thing to get used to when she relocated down here. She just had never experienced that kind of heat. But that also comes with a price when it comes to all those cooling costs. So this year, she is committed to a strategy that she saw on the HVAC company website. All Leila did was go on the HVAC company website to learn all she needed to think about how to save utility on costs when it came to cooling her lake house. She followed all the directions and ended up saving nearly twenty five percent over the year before.



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Your HVAC professional needs time

I recently heard a recent discussion where a homeowner complained that their HVAC professional takes 8 to 10 hours to handle HVAC installation.

They have built residential rental homes and needed help understanding how one process could take that long.

The homeowners thought it was a sign of incompetence and were looking to replace their HVAC provider with one who would be quick. Having worked for an HVAC business in my gap year, I knew that taking time to install new HVAC equipment or HVAC maintenance was a sign of quality HVAC service. I got curious, so I asked how long they’d had the HVAC repairman working for them and if they’d had any issues with any HVAC unit installed for them. The response was that they had experienced no HVAC issues and had not needed any repairs in five years since the installation and maintenance work was well done. I explained that the best installation practices require the expert to take their time to do it right, ensuring that the units serve you for as long as they are meant to without damage. Quick installations seem appealing, but they will likely be costly in the future, so it is best to stick with a reliable technician even when you think they are taking too long. You could buy top-quality HVAC brands to help with indoor comfort, but the quality is compromised if something goes wrong during installation. If a person is unsure how long a process should take, it’s best to ask the local business to explain what to expect, even for things that seem as simple as thermostat installation.


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HVAC installation for a mobile home

We bought a mobile home to share with my sister because we want to live in different countries.

I kept wondering how we would survive in the heat or cold when seasons changed depending on where we were.

We needed quality HVAC that would sustain our need for help with indoor comfort but had yet to learn that there were various HVAC options for each size of home. We grew up without any HVAC unit, so I always thought it was only meant for big houses. While looking for options online, I came across HVAC installation options for a mobile home, but there were too many HVAC brands and options to pick from we didn’t know which would be the right one. After some consulting, we decided to consult an HVAC professional who would guide us through the purchase of new HVAC equipment and installation. Getting an HVAC provider involved in our acquisition was the best decision because we got a ductless mini-split that would help us with heating and cooling. We got all equipment from the HVAC repairman, who sourced it from the reputable HVAC business he works for. It’s six months since we got the installation, and it has served us perfectly in heating and cooling. We plan to have HVAC maintenance done by the end of winter with the same HVAC repairman we used for installation. We plan to move just before summer, meaning we shall be in a new environment during the hottest months of the year, so we have a thermostat installed to help us with energy saving. Our next service will also find us away from where we live at the moment, but our AC expert has promised to link us with a heating and cooling local business wherever we go if he can.

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An exam on quality HVAC

It was our final year at the university, and my classmates and I were excited to be completing school, but at the same time, we were a bag of nerves because of the upcoming exams. I had done my bit by really studying for it. My dream was to work in the HVAC business. I wanted to be one of the most reputable HVAC professionals in the country, not just in the local business and even go on to own a company to help with indoor comfort for all types of properties. My dad, who had been an HVAC repairman for three decades, had allowed me to study. He did not know about the new HVAC equipment as he had retired a few months before the final exams. In the summer, I interned at one of the famous HVAC brands, and there I got first-hand experience working on the various HVAC units. The internship gave me more confidence in mastering and tackling HVAC installations and any HVAC maintenance. When I entered the exam room, I could feel the anxiety from my classmates. The first few questions were straightforward and referred to HVAC processes I had undertaken on my own during my internship. The last part of the paper, though, was the most difficult. It asked questions that I had no clue about. As I sat there looking at the thermostat in the exam room, my brain just started calculating and picturing scenarios. Even though I was conversant with the new technology, I found it challenging to come up with answers relating to the same. The exam covered almost everything about quality HVAC. Becoming an HVAC provider was still in the cards for me, regardless of how I did on this exam.

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The HVAC technician thought she tried to commit suicide.

The HVAC technician was supposed to be at my house at 11 AM, but I was so tired I couldn’t stay awake.

The next morning, I awoke in the hospital and didn’t know why. My husband told me that when the HVAC technician arrived, he knocked on the door and saw me lying on the floor. He knew I looked bad, and the worst scenarios were playing through his mind. Either I had a heart attack, tried to commit suicide and overdosed, or he should have been at the house a lot earlier. He opened the windows and doors, called an ambulance, then called the police and fire company. After putting on his hazard suit, he went downstairs and looked at the furnace. There was a crack in one of the main components and it was leaking carbon monoxide into the air. If he hadn’t arrived when he did, I would have died. I began crying when my husband told me what happened. The HVAC technician risked his life by coming into my house. The carbon monoxide could have made him sick almost as bad as it had me. I was so grateful to him that I called the HVAC company while my husband was there. I asked for the HVAC technician who was at my house that day. He was out on another call, but they gave me his name. I called the local flower shop and asked if they did fruit bouquets. I wanted a Thank You card attached, with my name. I also wanted some balloons. My husband told the dispatcher at the HVAC company that he wanted to stop by and give him his personal thank you for saving his wife.

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It was mostly a buildup of dust in the ductwork.

I called the HVAC company and told them I had a lot of dust in my home, and there was a lack of airflow.

I couldn’t believe how quick the receptionist was to tell me she thought I needed to have the ductwork cleaned.

She said they were common symptoms of a ductwork that was partially clogged. She put me on the schedule for service for the following morning, and tentatively scheduled me for ductwork cleaning in the afternoon. She said that appointment would stand unless the HVAC technician found something else wrong. I appreciated the information she gave me and the swiftness of the appointments, and told her so. When the HVAC technician arrived the next morning, he agreed with the diagnosis of the HVAC dispatcher. He said she had been doing her job for longer than he had been alive. She had a 99% rate in correct diagnosis. He asked if she had set up an appointment with the ductwork cleaners? I told him yes, but he had to call in and tell them. Two hours after the HVAC technician left, the ductwork cleaners arrived. They inspected the ductwork for any cracks or holes, and found several, but they assured me they could easily repair them. They used a large vacuum that was inside one of the service vans, and vacuumed all the dust and debris from the ductwork. They then sprayed in the adhesive into the ductwork to seal the holes and cracks and then a sanitizer was inserted. Not only was the dust gone, but my airflow was corrected, and my house smelled amazing.

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I ran into the HVAC company.

Being new in town, I didn’t know where any of the businesses were.

I had a few days before I had to go to work, so I went into town and starting finding my way around.

On my trip to my new location, I had noticed some odd things happening to my car. The car was new, and I thought I just had to get used to it. I had been up and down two streets, and made a note of the addresses of any businesses I may need to use. I was halfway up the third street when I noticed my car was speeding up. I pulled my foot off the gas, but there was no slowing it. I put on the brakes, and it tried to stop the car. I saw a child crossing the street, and I knew I couldn’t hit him, so I swerved the car. I ran right into a building. One woman asked me if I was drunk and told me I could have killed someone. The police and ambulance arrived together. When I told him the gas pedal was stuck and it was a child or a building, he nodded. Everyone was okay inside, but he wanted to know how I was. Other than shaken up, I was fine. That’s when I realized I ran into the HVAC company. It was the HVAC company I had been relocated to. I was to train the HVAC technicians in some of the newer HVAC equipment, and train someone to use the computers that ran automated systems. When I introduced myself, the HVAC technician asked if I couldn’t have found an easier way to make acquaintance.

Heat pump maintenance

The HVAC technician was late because he ran out of gas.

I got a phone call from the HVAC technician telling me he would arrive in approximately half an hour, but that was almost two hours earlier.

  • I was wondering what happened, so I called the HVAC company.

I explained about the phone call and how it had been two hours since he called. She chuckled and told me she had a funny story. The HVAC technician forgot to fill the gas tank that morning, and he was sitting along the road waiting for someone to bring him gas. I had to laugh, but I appreciated the honesty. About half an hour earlier, the HVAC technician called back. He apologized for the delay and told me he had run into some difficulty, but he would definitely be here in about fifteen minutes. When he pulled up, I almost laughed. I didn’t want him to know I knew what happened, so I had to keep a straight face. I asked if everything was fine, and he said it was an unexpected delay, and apologized again. I showed him where the furnace was located and went back to doing dishes. I could hear him talking to himself, since he left the basement door open, and it was right next to my sink area. He was calling himself a stupid idiot. I knew he was talking to someone when he said he was stupid and forgot to fuel the service van before leaving this morning. When he said, ‘Oh, man!’, I wondered if he was talking to the HVAC dispatcher and she told him I knew. When he came upstairs, I was careful not to say I overheard his discussion. I just wanted to pay him for his service call, and then I could laugh.

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