Our daughter wants to be either a farmer or an HVAC professional

I was surprised when our daughter said she wanted to raise chickens. We ended up getting some hens and a chicken coup. I learned about how to set up the coup and how to make it so the water didn’t freeze in the winter. You basically have to have a bulb working to provide enough heating for the water so that it will not freeze, otherwise the chickens will be in big trouble and will thirst to death. Other than that, they don’t need much heating to make it through the winter season. So long as they have a good coup to shelter them from the elements and a small pad heater set at the right temperature control settings, they would be just fine. The pad heater provides just enough heating to make it so they will not freeze, but the chickens are able to get through the winter months surprisingly well. So we have been taking care of these chickens; feeding and cleaning up after them. I always remind my daughter to take care of these duties most of the time unless she is busy working on a school project. I must say, she has done a pretty good job being responsible with the chicken care and coup maintenance duties. I didn’t think she would be able to handle it all, including gathering all the eggs that are laid. We have had some enjoyable breakfasts though because we never have a shortage of eggs. Our daughter even takes fresh eggs to all the neighbors and they are happy to pay cash for them which is going towards our daughter’s college fund. She told us she’s not sure she’s going to a traditional college though, she says she wants to be either a farmer or an HVAC professional.
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I thought my son was nuts when he talked about installing an HVAC in his new home

I honestly thought my son was nuts when he was talking about installing his own HVAC system in the house he just bought.

I was proud that he bought his own place, but I wasn’t sure if his head was in the right place taking on an HVAC installation. First of all, I had to point out the fact that he was no HVAC professional. He never had any schooling and an online HVAC certification I didn’t think was feasible. Anyway, he spoke of the online videos and tutorials he studied to install a ductless mini split. He said it wasn’t very complicated at all and he said these HVAC systems could be installed without an HVAC professional. I remained skeptical but I told him not to do anything without me being there. I just wanted to make sure he didn’t do something stupid or get himself killed. I mean, I already thought it was stupid he was installing his own HVAC being a non-professional, but he was determined to make this happen. I was a little agitated when he first got started with one of the most simple tasks and that was setting up the base for the outdoor condenser unit. He just had to make the ground level for the base. I told him he could always pour cement to make a level base, but he just used something he purchased from the store that was cheap. He struggled to make it level, but I ended up helping him out with that. He did alright with everything else surprisingly, though I was nervous at times, especially with the electrical work. He completed the installation though, and it worked beautifully. I guess it wasn’t such a terrible idea after all, even though his HVAC warranty is probably void.



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The cooling workman seemed buzzed, but he did okay work

We had a bit of a conflict when the cooling workman dropped by.

First of all, our cooling system wasn’t working for about 3 days because that’s how long it took to get a cooling workman to our home.

We had been getting by with the window A/C units, but we were getting sick of that fast. They just weren’t able to provide enough cooling for the entire home, especially during a heatwave. Well, the cooling workman was a big disappointment for us. First of all, he seemed like he had been drinking. We certainly could smell alcohol and we didn’t think that somebody just happened to spill beer on his shirt. He had a bad attitude and was acting like he just wanted to get out of there. He seemed entirely reluctant to do his job even though we explained what needed to be done. We were a little hesitant about letting him work in his inebriated state, but we were desperate to get our central cooling system working again. He worked for about 30 minutes before he got the thing working which I thought was impressive for somebody who had been drinking. He didn’t bother to explain anything, he just said the bill would come in the mail and he walked out the door. We didn’t have any issues with the cooling system after that, so we decided not to complain about the guy. We were honestly just happy that the house was finally beginning to cool down and we were able to put the window A/C units away.

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We have the best home theatre system around

Something that has always been popular at our home is movie night.

We decided to build an awesome movie theatre in our basement.

We have a zoned HVAC so we get customized temperature control settings down there. The HVAC system also has rapid heating and cooling, so we are able to really crank the A/C when we watch a movie, or provide the perfect amount of heating in the winter season. We have a huge movie screen and a quality projector system with 4K picture quality. We’re thinking about eventually upgrading to the newer 8K projectors, but those are really expensive. Anyway, everybody loves to come over and they typically bring drinks and snacks during our movie nights. I know that a lot of people love to get together with fancy dinners and things like that, but movies have always been our thing. I think it provides an excellent bonding experience too because we enjoy snacks and drinks while talking about the movies we have watched afterwards. Sometimes we get into some pretty wild and deep conversations, especially when we watch some of the sci-fi films. While we all love movies from all time-periods, I think everybody prefers films like the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit. Everybody always requests those movies the most and honestly I can’t blame them because they are excellent. There are movies out there that are so good that it seems like you can never get tired of watching them, especially in a fancy home theatre like ours! We have a nice sound system too that is arguably better than the traditional movie going experience.

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Most of our friends and family love to visit during the winter these days

After everything was installed, I was able to impress all my friends and family

We already had a pretty fancy heating system in our home when we bought it; radiant heated floors. The heated floors are hooked up to a boiler system and it provides the perfect amount for heating. Truly, I have never had such a nice heating system, but what I was looking for was cooling products. I wanted something that would be just as wonderful as the radiant heated floors. I looked around and spoke to different HVAC professionals about the cooling products that I could go for. Out of everything from ductless mini split A/C systems to radiant cooling technology, I was the most interested in a rapid cooling system. The HVAC professional was explaining how incredible this type of cooling system is. He said that I would be able to cool down the whole house within minutes even if it was severely overheated! He said it might take up to 15 minutes depending on how overheated we are talking about, but he said this system was highly efficient. With greater energy efficiency, I could expect low energy bills just like with my radiant heated floors. So I decided to go for this installation. The HVAC professionals had to install a new type of ductwork that was narrow, but easy to maintain. After everything was installed, I was able to impress all my friends and family. I had to prove to everybody that the house could be cooled down within minutes, and everybody was impressed. Still, the radiant heated flooring remains everybody’s favorite and this is why most of our friends and family love to visit during the winter months.

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My wife wanted to camp in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere

Being out there, anything could happen and we went hiking in the snow and everything.

When I asked my wife what she wanted to do for vacation this year, she said she wanted a cabin out somewhere in the wilderness. She said that was something she always dreamed of doing and it would be better if we didn’t have electricity or an HVAC system. I wasn’t sure if we should get a place like that, but she wanted an authentic camping experience in a log cabin. So we ended up finding just the place. It had a truly nice fireplace where we would be relaxing most of the time. There was also a wood burning stove where we would be doing most of our cooking. We actually were able to use both the fireplace and the wood burning stove for heating the place. We kept the place nice and cozy the whole time. While it was relaxing being in such a place away from the rest of the world, I couldn’t imagine having to split the wood regularly if we lived in a place like that. I also suppose that I would have to learn how to hunt because we couldn’t get deliveries to a place like that and there were no stores anywhere nearby. My wife wanted the experience and she certainly got it. I do have to admit though, it was a thrilling experience. Being out there, anything could happen and we went hiking in the snow and everything. If we needed help, we wouldn’t be able to call because there were no cell phone towers. It was a wonderful experience and we survived. We weren’t mangled by any bears or wolves, but we did see a bear in the distance and my wife took a picture with her camera. It was fun telling everybody about the experience when we got back, and we managed without an HVAC system!


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My wife was always into zoned HVAC systems

When I first spent time with my wife, she always kept the kitchen in her home as cold as possible.

She had a zoned HVAC system and it was pretty neat that there were customized temperature control settings in every room.

That was something I knew nothing about until I met her. When we got married and bought a home of our own, she insisted that we have a zoned HVAC system. Together, we decided to have a ductless mini split installed. In some of the rooms, we even have the ceiling units which are really cool. It’s also nice because the HVAC system is smart, so we can adjust the temperature control settings in different zones easily with our smartphones. It’s especially nice when we go on vacation and we can check the status of our HVAC system on our phones. This is a particular concern in the winter months when we go to vacation in the tropics. We want to make sure the heating system never fails or we might have to deal with pipe bursts and other crazy things like that. So far, we have never had any issues with our HVAC system. We do get regular HVAC system maintenance of course, and because of that, we are pretty confident that we will never experience any major issues. We also have friends and family who check on our home when we are away on vacation. When we are home, people love dropping by because we always have such amazing temperature control settings. It’s easy to get away with this because we focus all the heating or cooling energy in the areas that we use the most, especially while entertaining lots of guests.


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Working out in the heat was difficult at first

I felt like if I couldn’t really do the workout with all the heating, how was I ever going to achieve greater muscle definition.

When my friends and I were hanging out, we started talking about working out. A few of my buddies did their workouts at a gym while the rest of us worked out at home. I was proud of my gym which was in my basement. I even set up a nice ductless mini split for the additional comfort while working out. Then one buddy was asking if any of us ever considered working out in the heat. He said you just need to crank your heating system up while working out and you work up a great deal of sweat. He said with the additional heating, you are able to achieve greater fat burning and more muscle definition. Well, we all wanted to have better definition to get the attention from the ladies, and so we went for it. Well, the first time I tried working out with the heating system up, I felt absolutely miserable. I honestly didn’t know what my buddy was talking about and how this would help. I felt like if I couldn’t really do the workout with all the heating, how was I ever going to achieve greater muscle definition. Well, my buddy just told everybody not to give up and to keep going for it. We all even started eating healthier with nutrition plans and it was giving us even more energy. It was also important to keep hydrated, especially during a workout. Well, I have been getting used to it and now I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to my buddy suggesting this particular workout!

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My wife was motivated to get back into great shape together

My wife has been telling me all the time that we need to exercise more together.

In a way, I felt like she was calling me fat.

I started exercising more, but it was exhausting. Honestly, I used to be in better shape and working out was relatively easy for me. Now I had to crank the A/C system and turn on the ceiling fan just to be able to keep up. I was feeling overheated and sweaty in no time! My wife kept telling me that I could do it and so I did. Well, we are actually in a regular routine with our workouts now and I have to admit that it was a great idea to start working out together regularly. We both have been able to keep each other motivated. I find that I have higher energy levels now, my waistline is shrinking, and I am feeling better than I have in years. I have also started eating healthier which was my wife’s idea. She was saying that we could become super fit and healthier and this would make it so we could live longer. Then we started talking about the air quality in the house and how that could be improved. My wife said that it would be nice to have a UV air purification system. I knew nothing about it and so she gave me the details. It seemed a bit pricey, but my wife stressed it was for the sake of our health. So I ended up arranging for the installation and now we have amazing air quality. I tell you what, it makes working out in your home a lot easier.


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The HVAC professional was taking his sweet time on the job

It was shocking the other day when the HVAC professional came out to work on our ductwork cleaning and take care of an issue with the A/C system.

I have seen lazy people, but this guy was unbelievable.

He would work for about 15 minutes and then go for a smoke break. My wife was baking some muffins too and this guy asked if he could have some after his smoke break. My wife didn’t have any issue and was pleased that he took interest. He took his time to munch on that muffin and then kept asking for drinks. I swear this guy was asking for another drink every 30 minutes or so and it was starting to become annoying. Part of the reason was that he was going to the bathroom like crazy. I swore at this rate, he wasn’t going to be done until the following day. I was right about that too, he spent most of the day working on the ductwork and then got around to the troubles with the HVAC unit. I can’t say that he did a horrible job, it was just that he took forever, and a major part of that was that he didn’t seem motivated to do the work. He would even strike up conversations with us like we were his best buddies or something. He was a nice guy and all, but I just wanted to have my HVAC system working at full capacity, and then I wanted this guy to be on his merry way. Sadly, we had to have him come back the next day to finish the work with the A/C system. I was tempted to ask the HVAC company for somebody who worked faster, but I just waited it out with this guy. My wife made him cookies this time and he drank all of our milk!

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