My wife joined a gym, so I did too

During the last two years my wife and I have made a lot of changes. Mostly she made the changes, and then I would follow suit when I realized I had little choice. To be fair, Mindy is not a bossy woman, and doesn’t tell me what to do. On the other hand, she is going to follow her own path no matter what, and if I don’t follow the same path, she might just leave me behind. I am her fourth husband, after all, so her track record shows she won’t hesitate to dump me! Mindy joined the local gym, and I think she likes it more for the social aspect than the exercise. In any event, once she got hooked on going to the gym she has been there at least five days a week! Either for an hour-long yoga class, or to hang out for half the day, Mindy has started making the gym her home away from home. I have joined the gym, as well, for two different reasons. First, I really do need to get in better shape, so the classes and equipment at the gym will help me to help myself. Secondly, it will put me closer to Mindy and give us another way to bond and spend time together. Sharing interests is important for any couple, and if she is so interested in the gym, then I will do my best to share that with her. If I’m being honest, I am also doing it to keep an eye on her, because there are a lot of quality studs at the gym.


Workout program

My philosophy on workout programs

My philosophy in life is simple – every single person is different, and you can never make assumptions. We are all different, special, and unique, and what works for me may not work for you. I have a simple “live and let live” approach to life, and tend to focus on my own issues instead of trying to tell other people how to live their lives. Recently I decided it was time to start being more active, and taking a stronger approach to my physical health and wellness. I had a hundred different opinions about what kind of exercise I needed to do, and I dismissed each and every one of them. No one has a body like mine, and nobody else’s approach to workout plans would be perfect for me. I needed to explore the world of physical fitness and wellness, and find out what worked for me. My father used to say that the only way to learn was the hard way, and that was also true of workout plans. I had to try several different forms of workout program to gauge their effectiveness, so that I could find what worked for my body. I spent several weeks at the local gym, cycling through different training programs and testing the results. Ultimately I found that cardio work and weight lifting balanced with a regimen of yoga classes was what did the trick for me and my metabolism. I hit the gym three times a week now, and have a different workout program with a different focus every time I go.

Workout program

A hot yoga session

This little town is full of interesting things.

  • I had to move here for my task, and when I first saw the arena I was not ecstatic about it.

I was used to the large city, and such a small, tired neighborhood in the center of nowhere seemed quite dull. I was so wrong about that! This neighborhood is cute in addition to fun. Once the townsfolk accept you there is a lot you can do. The woman who runs the bar illegally screens bootleg films on the wall of her tavern on Tuesday evenings, so you can drink and watch a new release. There is not a gym in town, however 1 of the farmers converted his barn into a weight lifting room, with a wet sauna located nearby! The farmer is known to everyone as Uncle Jeff. The craziest part to me is that he doesn’t lift weights, he does yoga! If you go to Youtube you can find a channel called Farmer Jeff’s Hot Country Yoga, in addition to it is exactly what it sounds like. That wet sauna he has is located directly under a makeshift yoga studio in the hay loft. The steam from the sauna rises through vents in the floor, in addition to the yoga studio can get well over 90 degrees! I am still too intimidated to try the hot yoga, it just seemed too sizzling for me! I do drive out to his farm twice a week to meet with a neighbor for a weight lifting session. I have to say it’s a lot more fun than my old gym.

Workout program

A revenge workout program

I thought I had everything planned out, but encountered a few concerns at the end.

If I had it all to do over again I never would have hit that woman at the gym.

I was there working out with my lady Sheila, in addition to this gal started hitting on her right in front of me. I told her to back off, things escalated, and both of us got into a fight. She kicked my butt pretty badly, in addition to since she was a personal trainer at the place, she had my membership revoked. As the cherry on top of the cake, she is also now dating my girlfriend, who dumped me soon after. Now I have no lady, and I can’t go to the only gym in town, so I had to take matters into my own hands. They say that success is the best revenge, so I contacted several online personal trainers to help me create the best workout program I can do at home. I am so full of anger in addition to rage at what happened, the only way I can know to get back at them is to transform my body without a personal trainer. If I can craft myself to perfection without the help of the gym, or a local personal trainer, it will be love giving a middle finger to my ex. I am working on my cardio in addition to core strength at first, in addition to also utilizing several different yoga techniques on a weekly basis. I have never been more focused on a workout program in my life, I call it the Anger Workout System.

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The virus made me gain weight

It felt great, but it was not enough.

The complication with taking time off is that it’s difficult to go back to how things used to be. When the virus first hit, my gym shut down. My thoughts at the time were those of relief, because I was too scared to go out in public at the time. I became more stationary, spending a lot of time on the couch watching shows. Before I knew it, several months had gone by in addition to I had not worked out once. I was not sleeping well, my health was terrible and I was lazy. I needed to get back into exercise. When the gym finally opened back up I had put on thirty pounds, had lost all definition, and felt love a sack of crap. I suppose from personal experience that people don’t go to the gym to mock other people, they go to take classes and lift weights. People at the gym are focused on themselves in addition to their own bodies, in addition to yet I still felt too self conscious to go back! I started to take long walks while both of us were in the evening, to genuinely work up a sweat, in addition to after that I would do yoga stretches to cool down after. It felt great, but it was not enough. I realized I was just trying to lose enough weight to feel comfortable returning to the gym. My old personal trainer would have scolded me for thinking in such a way, but it was the truth. After I lose 5 pounds maybe I will feel confident enough to go back to the local gym.

Steam rooms

He ended up being my trainer

In middle school Kevin and I never got along.

You might even say that both of us hated each other.

That was almost 20 years ago, and things have changed a lot. Most of our animosity stemmed from the soccer field, because both of us both wanted to be the starting position. Both of us fought a lot, and not just with words, either, both of us got into physical altercations more than once. Then Kevin hurt his knee and couldn’t play anymore, so the rivalry stopped. Just last year, when the new gym opened up, I went down to check the arena out and saw that Kevin worked there. He looked better than ever, and had moved away from soccer to become a personal trainer with a focus on physical therapy and rehab. I joined the gym just for the weight lifting resources, because all these years later I still liked pumping iron, and Kevin commanded that I should also check out a yoga class, and said that it could even help with my weight training. Instead of pushing back, I took her advice in addition to going to a yoga class the following week. I have to say Kevin was correct, and the next few sessions in the weight lifting room went a lot smoother. Yoga stretches your muscles in such a way that expands your flexibility while still building strength. Kevin and I are quite friendly these afternoons, and I even started to take the yoga class that she offers every week. I have to say that anyone extreme about weight lifting should genuinely try yoga, as well.

Body Wellness Center

Building a new house is much harder than I thought it would be

Whenever we decided that we were going to build a new house, I never really thought that it was going to be this big of an issue.

I thought that it would be pretty easy to get it done.

I don’t know what I was thinking now that we are right in the middle of it. Something different is going wrong every five minutes around here it seems like. My husband and I are always putting out fires, so to speak. The general contractor is always calling us with one question or another, and just today we found out that our HVAC contractor is going to be a month behind what he originally thought. It’s not the HVAC contractor’s fault, though. It’s actually the general contractor’s fault. I guess he originally told the HVAC contractor that they weren’t going to be ready for the ventilation system and the heating and cooling system to be installed until a couple of months from now. Come to find out, they are going to be ready in two weeks and the HVAC contractor is working on another job that he has to get finished first. I really don’t blame him at all. I feel like the general contractor should have had a better idea about his timetables when he lined up the HVAC contractor in the first place. At this point, I really wish that we were just done with this house already. I would love to be able to move in next week, but I’m beginning to wonder if that’s ever gonna happen!
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My son is going to work for an air duct cleaning business

My son told me that he is going to start working for an air duct cleaning business here in town in a couple of weeks.

I was a little bit surprised when he told me that, because I thought that he was going to be doing something else this summer like lifeguarding or painting houses with the crew that he worked with last year.

Instead of that, he has decided to give the heating and cooling profession a try. He is going to college to get a business degree, but he told me recently that he also wants to learn a trade. I told him that I think it’s a great idea for him to get an education in a trade in addition to his business degree. In fact, I think that it’s really smart for him to learn how to do heating and cooling repairs and installations along with how to clean ductwork systems. He said that if he’s able to learn a lot this summer while working at the air duct cleaning business, then he might end up feeling like opening an HVAC business eventually. Having a business degree along with a bunch of experience in the heating and cooling business would be the perfect recipe for a really great HVAC business! I know that my son is going to do great at whatever he ends up deciding on for a career, but I have to say that I was really pleasantly surprised when he came home and told me that he was going to be working for the air duct cleaning business this summer.


a/c professional

Moving here last year was one of the best ideas that I ever had

Moving out here where I don’t have to use the air conditioning all the time is one of the very best ideas that I have ever had.

Before we moved here, I lived in a place with a climate where I had to use the air conditioning nearly every day for about four months out of the year.

It was just terrible living out there. Every time that I would walk outside, I felt like I was stepping into a furnace. That is just not something that I enjoy doing and I knew that I wanted to get out of there. The air conditioning bills were astronomically high because in order to keep the temperature in the house at a comfortable level, we had to leave the thermostat turned way down. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the central air conditioning had to run nearly all the time. I could have probably purchased a whole other house with all the money that I ended up spending on all of the air conditioning bills whenever we lived there. Now, though, spending money on air conditioning is not really even something that I worry about at all. Living here in the new city where we purchased a home is just wonderful. The climate is great, and I don’t really have to worry about the A/C bills at all. Most of the time, I don’t even have to run the air conditioning at all. It is a huge difference and I am loving it. I only wish that we had moved here a long, long time ago.

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I have not had a problem since

I was having all kinds of trouble with the heating and cooling system in my house. The indoor air quality in my house was just terrible, and I was having a constant cough. It was just terrible, and I did not really know what to do about it until I went to talk to my ear, nose, and throat specialist several months ago. He told me that the first thing that I should do was go home and call up our HVAC company. I thought that this was really weird, because I thought that there was actually a problem with my respiratory system. It turned out that I didn’t really have a health problem that was keeping me from breathing properly at all. Instead, the doctor thought that I was having some kind of a reaction to some mold or mildew that was growing on the inside of the ventilation ducts in my house. I called the local HVAC company as soon as I got home from my appointment that day and I made an appointment with the HVAC company to have them come and professionally clean the ductwork in my house. Once I got the ductwork cleaned out, I had them replace the air filters with a HEPA filter and now the indoor air quality in my house is ten times better than it’s ever been before. I’m so glad that I went to the doctor that day. He gave me much better advice than I thought he would. I figured that he would give me a prescription, but I never thought that it would be a prescription for a HVAC appointment.
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