Working at a technical school

I work at a technical school, teaching students about heating and cooling systems. It’s a job I started almost ten years ago, and I love it as much now as I did way back when. I really love meeting all of the new people – students who come through every session. I find people to be really interesting, and it’s fun to teach the new students and then try to find out what makes them tick. I love to teach them new ways of thinking about the heating and cooling systems that they are going to be working on. Technically, I am just supposed to be teaching them the basics of this subject, but usually I end up going deeper into it just because I love it so much. Teaching HVAC classes is something that just kind of snuck up on me. I never thought that it would be something that I would be doing at this point in my life, but I really honestly love it. It’s so empowering to see all of these young people come out of my classes knowing how to do some things that they didn’t know how to do before. One of these days, after I retire, I bet I will end up with a specialist that I taught. I would love to see the look on their faces when they show up at my home to service my furnace or my air conditioner!

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I’m getting a cooling system before baseball starts

Before baseball season starts up again, I’m going to get a cooling system for myself. Last year during baseball season, there were a couple of games where I thought I was going to lose my mind because of the heat. I felt tired on behalf of the women out there in their long baseball pants! It’s hard to be comfortable out there on that field, where there are no trees to shade them, especially when I am sitting there on the other side of the field under the trees, feeling like I am burning up. The temperature that day was in the 90s. I thought they should have canceled the game. It was a terrible afternoon, and everybody was hot, sweaty, and irritable. That was the day I decided I was going to have to buy a cooling system of some sort to take with me to the baseball field. I was being overly dramatic, my son told me, and that I don’t really need a cooling system over on the sidelines of the field. Of course, she has never been a middle-aged woman, so how would she know what I need? What I need during the summer is a cooling system, as well as that is all that there is to it. I believe that I am going to go to the local HVAC store, and see if they have anything like a portable air conditioner that would work to bring along with me. I don’t really care if anyone makes fun of me or not. At least I will be cool during the summer.


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he trouble of selling a house to an HVAC supplier

I work as a realtor here in town. I’ve been selling homes to families in this area for well over 20 years now. Most of the time, I love my job. It’s really fun as well as I love to meet all kinds of modern people as well as see all of the different kinds of homes that come up for sale around here. It’s my dream. I never knew how much I would love being a real estate agent. It’s the best thing ever, if you ask me! However, once in a while I have a hard time with a shopper. I have noticed it’s usually whenever I’m dealing with someone who is in the HVAC business. It’s funny that this regularly happens to me, but every time I find out that I am working with an HVAC specialist, I regularly dread what’s going to happen. It seems like nothing is ever great enough for these women when it comes to the heating and cooling systems in the homes I show them. Usually, they start shaking their heads as soon as they see the type of furnace, air conditioner, or whole home air cleaner that’s installed in one of their potential homes. They just don’t want to purchase a home that they will have to do any work on, which is understandable. But it really does end up frustrating for me whenever I have to show them all kinds of homes as well as then they never want to purchase anything because of the systems in the house!


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Awry thermostat settings at the hot restaurant

It was so hot tonight at the restaurant we were dining at that I asked them about the furnace settings! I thought that something might have been wrong with the furnace or with the thermostat because the temperature was so moderate inside of the restaurant. At first, I thought that it was just me. Was I the only one who was hot? I wondered, but then I noticed that all the people in the place were peeling off clothing. They were fanning themselves. I knew that they were all feeling moderate too, as well as the locale was so stuffy that it was just uncomfortable. The weather is heating up a lot outside these days and I personally believe that they should have already had the air conditioning on. Of course, I don’t have any pull in the restaurant where we were. I believe that it’s just about time to start running the air conditioner everywhere at this point. I am one of those people who loves the air conditioning throughout the whole year. I am always hot as well, so I usually go to locales that make sure to have their central air conditioners turned on early in the year. I believe I’m going to have to mark this place off of my list when it comes to that! It doesn’t really fit the mold for me because it’s already moderate outside. I asked them if their thermostat was broken but I believe that they just didn’t have the air conditioner turned on yet.


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Buying a home with a great heating and cooling system

Other than that, the only thing that we really cared about was having a fireplace in the house

Last year, we bought a house with a terrific heating and cooling system! The funny thing about it was we had never seen the place before we bought it! It was a “sight unseen” purchase. My wife and I needed to move because of her job, and we needed a home sooner rather than later, if you know what I mean. Because we were so tied up with everything, we didn’t even have much time to go to the neighborhood, so we bought a house online. That’s how we ended up finding this realtor that deals mainly with long distance moves. She was really great at her job, too! I have to say that she made the whole move undoubtedly self-explanatory on us, for the most part. The main thing that we wanted in the house, my wife and I told her, was a dependable heating and cooling system. My wife wanted to get a whole home air cleaner with a UV light, if possible. Other than that, the only thing that we really cared about was having a fireplace in the house. We told her that we didn’t care if it was a gas log fireplace or a wood burning fireplace, as long as we had one in the living room as well as in the master study room. Well, the realtor really came through for us! She found a home for us with a really great HVAC system, the fireplaces we wanted, as well as a fine UV light air cleaner.


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A new state of the art thermostat for my birthday!

I am going to get myself a new thermostat for my birthday.

I decided this about a month ago, when I first noticed that the thermostat in my home was on the blink. It’s been acting strange for a while. That’s when I finally was able to admit that it was unrecoverable. Did it just need new batteries? Last time this happened, replacing them didn’t help at all. It was at that point that I knew that I was going to need to purchase a modern thermostat, or my HVAC system just wasn’t going to toil properly. I started to do some research on different kinds of thermostats as well and I decided that I wanted to purchase a smart thermostat for my house. I learn all kinds of things about how fantastic smart thermostats are as well as how they can really save you money on your heating and cooling bills in the long run. A smart thermostat can end up paying for itself in savings in just a couple of years. That’s why I decided to purchase one for myself for my birthday. Even though they are a little more extravagant on the outset when you first install them and get them all set up, they end up paying for themselves. That’s a great thing, and I like that I’m going to be able to set my thermostat from anywhere, as long as I’m linked to the app that comes with it!


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Enrolling in technical school for HVAC training

I’ve decided to attend a technical college here in town to get my heating and cooling certification.

I have been looking forward to starting school for a long time now, as well as I’m happy that it’s almost time.

I have waited to get into the HVAC program for months now. I am really happy that it’s almost my turn! The program is the school’s most popular, so it was harder to get into than I originally thought that it was going to be. They apparently have a undoubtedly long waiting list to get into the program. I believe I never really thought that there would be quite so many people out there who wanted to become heating and cooling professionals. I found out the other afternoon that the classes that I am taking are totally full. That’s because they told us that if anyone wanted to drop out of a class, they wanted to know about it as soon as possible, so that they could add someone in from the waiting list that had formed. I was really surprised by that, because I had no idea that the program was so popular. People just really want to go into some kind of a trade these afternoons. Electrical toil as well as plumbing were not things that I was at all interested in as well as so I’m happy I got in on this round of HVAC classes. I can’t wait for classes to start in a few weeks!
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Thankfully, she had air conditioning!

It’s a great thing that a/c is just about everywhere these days. I remember back when I was a kid; hardly anyone in my neighborhood had central air. Back then, only the rich people in town had breezy air conditioning. I really remember the first time that I went over to a friend’s home who had central air and I thought that it was the most amazing thing ever! Even though she wanted to play outside, with our dolls on the swingset, I refused to leave her house because I was enjoying the cold air that was coming out of the air vents in her room! She thought that I was really strange after that, but I explained to her that we didn’t have an air conditioner like that at my home as well and she kind of understood. She never did come over to play at my house, though. Of course, that was great with me because I wanted to go over to her locale during the summer time so that we could stand in the cool air conditioner instead of being outside in the heat all afternoon. It was just a great locale for me to be during those moderate summer time afternoons when I was a kid. She felt like I used her as a friend just so that I could get inside of her air conditioned house, as well as she would absolutely be right. She was nice enough, but I wouldn’t have been her friend if she didn’t have an air conditioner back then.

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The strangest smell from the air vents

This week at work, I noticed a strange smell coming from the air vents in the building.

At first, I thought I was imagining it, because no one else seemed to notice.

I have a super sensitive sense of smell, though, so that was not really unusual, however my wife says that I am like a bloodhound because I am regularly sniffing things out. Well, the other day, when I came into the office, I knew that there was something off with the indoor air quality in the building. Unsure what it was, I could tell there was something going on inside of the heating and cooling duct. Whenever the furnace turned on in the building, I could smell the odor more. That’s how I figured out that it was coming out of the HVAC duct in the first place. I informed the building supervisor of an issue with the HVAC system, and he said he would check into it for me. At first, I thought that he was just humoring me by saying that, but a couple of hours later, I saw him with two of the service workers in the building with a ladder. They were looking around inside some of the HVAC ducts in the building. Sure enough, they ended up finding mold as well as mildew in the HVAC duct! I knew that I had smelled something! They ended up calling the local commercial supplier to come and clean the HVAC ducts in the building.

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The project in the creepy house

I had to install a furnace in a really creepy house the other day; work doesn’t usually beckon me to go on calls by myself, but on that day, my coworker was sick at home, while I was at work.

It was really unfortunate for me, because I had to go to this really creepy place on the other side of town.

The house is at the end of a long driveway, up on top of a hill. The home was surrounded by a strange metal fence, giving off horror movie vibes from the moment I looked at it. I was not looking forward to going in there all by myself. I knew that I had to go in there to get their furnace up as well as running again because it’s still cold around here; Even though it’s spring now, we are still having a cold snap around where we live. Had it not been for that, I might’ve just left as soon as I saw the place! But I felt a little bit guilty when I threw the HVAC truck into reverse to leave, after I saw the house. I grabbed my stuff, went to the front door, as well as steeled myself to knock. It turned out that the people who lived in the house were just as creepy as the home itself! I couldn’t believe that I had to go into that house by myself. I was worried the whole time that I was inside. Would they lock me up in the basement? I got that furnace fixed up faster than anything I have ever done in my life!

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