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Some things are best left to the experts

I sometimes think I can be stupidly insistent but it always ends up being inconvenient and costly. The fact that I can do avoidable dumb things can be annoying even for me. That’s exactly what happened to the a/c in my home. My partner called to tell me that the Heating and A/C cooling failed […]

I chose a modern Heating and A/C unit

Instead of going through all that trouble myself, I decided to go with the Heating and A/C supplier’s suggestion I couldn’t believe my fantastic fortune. In fact, I thought it was a joke when I got the letter through a registered mail, from the lawyer. Turns out that my favorite aunt passed on and left […]

Heating and A/C warranty saves the day

It’s so interesting to be at the palace I am in. The kids are now out of the home and off to university. That means that we are ready to make certain changes around the house. The cost of heating & cooling our home is outrageous for only two people. That and the fact that […]

My mother in-law’s Heating and A/C worries

I have had a difficult relationship with my mother in law. This has however changed since I moved here. My father in law passed away a few years ago. He was actually a fantastic man and we had a nice relationship. My wife was devastated by the loss. But her mother was more concerned about […]

Scouting for Heating and A/C comfort

It’s okay to conclude that I’m not the pickiest lady out here. However, as far as quality heating and air cooling goes, I’m pretty sure when to prioritize my needs. Our home is a fantastic example. When we first bought this house, my spouse and I agreed to inherit the Heating and A/C equipment with […]

The Heating and A/C service plan makes me happy

I’m one of those people that tunes sales people out. This often happens like some sort of default reaction whenever I get the feeling like somebody is constantly trying to sell me something I don’t want. Usually that gets on my nerves a lot. Instead of trying to sell me a dessert I didn’t ask […]