Get a second opinion when they say “full replacement”

They told me that my HVAC system was fine, but I could benefit from some HEPA air filters

I guess I’m the sort of person who is extremely cynical and afraid to take other people’s words as the truth. It takes me a while to believe what people are trying to tell me, because I have had too many liars in my lifetime. Of course, this is related to personal relationships and family members… But I’ve also learned to be very wary of all professionals. If somebody can benefit from selling you something, you’d better believe that they’re going to try. This has been the case when it comes to simple household matters, such as my energy bill, HVAC system, and plumbing. It’s also been true when I’ve listened to my doctor’s too closely. Recently, I found out that there was overlap between these professions. I have been seeing my doctor for several months due to terrible respiratory health. My doctor is always recommending that I have my central heating and cooling system checked for airborne contaminants and allergens. I thought that was reasonable information, but he kept pushing me to try one HVAC company in particular. When I finally gave in and consulted with this heating and cooling dealership from down the road, they were pretty doom and gloom about my central heating and cooling system. They told me that I needed a full air quality control overhaul in my house and gave me an astronomical quote for the new air handling equipment and installation. That’s when I got a bit worried. I called another heating and cooling repair shop and asked for a second opinion. They told me that my HVAC system was fine, but I could benefit from some HEPA air filters. This was a very different quote I received the first time. Eventually, I realized how the wool had been pulled over my eyes… My doctor was married to the owner of the first heating and cooling repair shop.


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