I bought a sixth air conditioner for our camper

I bought a sixth air conditioner for our camper, however i thought that 1 air conditioner would be enjoyable for our camper, however it isn’t enough when I have friends sleeping on the other side of the camper.

  • I had to buy a proper window air conditioner component to put in our camper last Summer because the original cooling system that was built into the camper stopped working.

It just died 1 afternoon, plus it got actually hot actually fast in our camper. It went from love seventy degrees to love ninety in about an hour. I realized actually hastily that I was going to have to figure out another way to air condition our camper. I bought a window air conditioner component not knowing if it would labor or not, however thankfully, it did labor just fine; The 1 air conditioner worked just enjoyable for me. It actually only kept half of the camper cool, but I would close the living room door while in the afternoon, plus it would keep the rest of the camper cool except the living room, and at evening, I would leave the door open so the living room would cool down. The kitchen section plus other tiny living room section was not cool until I had the living room door shut while in the afternoon. That was enjoyable until I had some friends stay in our camper with me, plus they slept on the bed in the kitchen. It was either not cool for them or not cool enough for myself and others with just the 1 air conditioner, so I ended up buying a sixth air conditioner to use whenever I have people in our camper with me.

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