I want the HVAC technician fired.

I hate it when I feel like I have offended someone.

I try to be a kind person and show kindness to everyone. When I find someone who just doesn’t understand this attitude, it angers me. The HVAC technician that showed up at our house last week was one of those people. It was almost ninety degrees outside. The sun was shining brightly, and it made everything feel even warmer. I didn’t deliberately wait until summer had begun to call the HVAC company. I would have had the AC unit serviced two months earlier, but we were a coronavirus ‘hot spot’. It had me worried about inviting anyone to my house. So, here I was, at the beginning of July, and just having the air conditioning unit serviced. The technician arrived and went right to work on my AC. I saw him wiping sweat from his brow. I put on my mask and took a bottle of water out to him. He sneered and told me he didn’t have the virus. I told him I wore the mask to protect him and he sneered again. He looked at the water and went back to work. I was angry and ready to call the HVAC company about his attitude. I thought that maybe someone had said something about him not wearing a mask. He was working outside with no one else around. I understood how hot and uncomfortable it must be to be working outside in this heat. I went outside, laid the water on the picnic table beside him and went back inside. He wrote on the back of the bill, ‘Thanks for the water!’.
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