Heating and A/C BC

If Heating and A/C was a religion, then the year 1902 when Willis Carrier was credited with the invention of the air conditioning, would be the year 0 to true devotees, then they could still use the Gregorian Calendar but would refer to the years before Carrier’s invention as “before Carrier” or BC.

The birth of Jesus would be 1902 BC, the battle of Hastings would change from 1066 AD to 836 BC, and the American Civil War years would change to 41 to 37 BC, and just like those that came before Jesus, multiple people came before Carrier. There was a Chinese inventor named Ding Huane from the 2nd century AD (18th century BC in the Heating and A/C dating system) who created a human-powered rotary fan. Much later in the 18th century (2nd century Heating and A/C BC), American founding father Benjamin Franklin and a chemistry professor from Cambridge University named John Hadley experimented with alcohol and ether to find a method of rapid cooling using evaporation. Benjamin noticed that the sweat-drenched shirt he was wearing felt cool in a breeze, from this incident, the more than 2 men lowered the temperature of a thermometer bulb dipped in a solvent to where a layer of ice formed; Other developments followed in the 19th century (1st century Heating and A/C BC), and most notable were those of scientist Michael Faraday who experimented using liquefied ammonia, the first widely used refrigerant; In Florida, American physician John Gorrie used compression to create ice for patients in hospitals, heating and A/C is not a religious sect so there is no need to bow in prayer to Willis Carrier and learn current dates for historical events. But no 1 can deny that Heating and A/C is a miracle worthy of being called biblical for its impact on civilization.

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