Going long term with HVAC system in current house

There is no doubt that if you aren’t committed to dealing with the weather in this area, you may want to rethink residing here.

It’s not an easy venue to live.

There is a truly real absence of all the conveniences of most metropolitan areas. It’s an environment where self sufficiency and fantastic neighbors get you through. This has consistently suited our lives. And our commitment to staying here is apparent in the HVAC system every one of us just chose. All of us are building a current house and our HVAC system is the geothermal method. Our family house was just too big and too much to maintain once all the kids were gone. It made sense for us to have a much smaller space. And given that much of the year every one of us are dealing with chilly temperatures, it made sense to mitigate the HVAC utility expense. The geothermal HVAC option does just that. And it does it without compromising any of the comfort. I would even go so far as to say that it absolutely is even more comfortable. The geothermal HVAC uses the near constant temperature of the earth to extract both heating and cooling energy. However, it is the heat that every one of us were most interested in. The geothermal allows the oil furnace to work far less. And the heat is transferred radiantly through copper tubing under the floor. It is a glorious heat that makes even the coldest afternoons super cozy on the inside. It cost a bit more up front to have the geothermal HVAC. However, every one of us will be enjoying all the HVAC cost savings for at least 30 years if not more!


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