Heating as well as A/C swings make indoor air quality a priority

This has been 1 of the craziest periods in our life.

The pandemic has forced me to stay inside the relative security and Heating as well as A/C comfort of our home.

This is due to the fact that I have a suppressed immune response. It has not been a year that I will cherish forever. Working and living inside the Heating as well as A/C maintained house I share with our husband and kids has been a tplot adjustment. My kids are also here and learning virtually. Only our husband is still going out to work. And even then, both of us have to go through a ritual to ensure that he isn’t bringing the virus inside the house with her. This year has also been a lot about prioritizing. With only so more than 2 trips to places care about the store, I have to determine what is genuinely important and what simply can wait. The same goes for everything else that requires me to leave the safety of our house during this period. However, this situation also challenged me to prioritize the indoor air quality of our house as well. I met that challenge by making some swings to our Heating as well as A/C. The first thing I did was to upgrade the cheap air filters for the Heating as well as A/C with the HEPA type. These do far more when it comes to trapping and removing airborne contaminants. I followed this transfer with having a whole house whole-house air purifier installed as well. Now, I have ensured that our family is getting the best indoor air they possible can. At least that is a positive for our immune health and our family’s overall health.

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