I’m waiting for a sale at the local HVAC company.

You could say that I am a cheap human being, and I would not disagree with you for a single minute.

I prefer to keep my currency where it belongs – in my savings account. I do not expect to be caught with my pants down when there is an unexpected emergency that requires currency. It is not typically a fantastic plan to go into debt when you have an unpredictable emergency come up. This is why I do my best to keep a fair amount of currency on hand at all times, however, occasionally it makes me live rather uncomfortably. Like my central HVAC system is not working well. For the past 4 months my a/c component has not been functioning efficiently. I’ve known that the error handling component needed a professional diagnostic appointment plus potentially a full-blown repair. Hell, there’s even a chance that the cooling component is going to need to be fully updated by a professional HVAC technician, and with all of these financial concerns in mind, I have been waiting to pull the trigger on my HVAC issue. I know that one of these days the local HVAC company is going to have a service discount available for routine HVAC services. It’s also only a matter of time before a/c units are finally clearanced for the year. I don’t want to pay more currency than I need to for my professional HVAC inspection or the potential a/c upgrade. Therefore, I will suffer for the sake of saving.

HVAC repairman