Recovery is hastened by customized HVAC

There are times when this world will simply punch you right in the mouth.

This time, the world took it out on my knees.

This was also the result of me feeling like I was bullet proof and would never suffer the consequences of my overactive lifestyle. I am not one to stay on the couch inside the HVAC. I like to get out there and live my life. I have always been really attracted to participating in risk taking activities. The fact that this didn’t happen earlier is a testament in some way I suppose. While I may play the part in my perfectly HVAC maintained office, I am another person once I leave. Sticking at home on the couch and sucking down beers in the HVAC is just not my style. I would rather be off climbing or even parachuting. There have been some near misses in all those risky adventures. But, I never really got injured. I just wish I had paid a bit more attention to the fact that my body and reflexes were slowing up a bit. Now, I am totally laid up and in the HVAC full time after a bad skiing accident. My knees were blown out in one hideous fall and I will be convalescing for some time now. The HVAC is now my friend. This is because I tend to get very uncomfortable due to the injury and the HVAC really helps. The fact that I can access the smart HVAC thermostat from my phone only makes it that much easier to customize the HVAC as I need to.


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