My wife was motivated to get back into great shape together

My wife has been telling me all the time that we need to exercise more together.

In a way, I felt like she was calling me fat.

I started exercising more, but it was exhausting. Honestly, I used to be in better shape and working out was relatively easy for me. Now I had to crank the A/C system and turn on the ceiling fan just to be able to keep up. I was feeling overheated and sweaty in no time! My wife kept telling me that I could do it and so I did. Well, we are actually in a regular routine with our workouts now and I have to admit that it was a great idea to start working out together regularly. We both have been able to keep each other motivated. I find that I have higher energy levels now, my waistline is shrinking, and I am feeling better than I have in years. I have also started eating healthier which was my wife’s idea. She was saying that we could become super fit and healthier and this would make it so we could live longer. Then we started talking about the air quality in the house and how that could be improved. My wife said that it would be nice to have a UV air purification system. I knew nothing about it and so she gave me the details. It seemed a bit pricey, but my wife stressed it was for the sake of our health. So I ended up arranging for the installation and now we have amazing air quality. I tell you what, it makes working out in your home a lot easier.


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