Our daughter wants to be either a farmer or an HVAC professional

I was surprised when our daughter said she wanted to raise chickens. We ended up getting some hens and a chicken coup. I learned about how to set up the coup and how to make it so the water didn’t freeze in the winter. You basically have to have a bulb working to provide enough heating for the water so that it will not freeze, otherwise the chickens will be in big trouble and will thirst to death. Other than that, they don’t need much heating to make it through the winter season. So long as they have a good coup to shelter them from the elements and a small pad heater set at the right temperature control settings, they would be just fine. The pad heater provides just enough heating to make it so they will not freeze, but the chickens are able to get through the winter months surprisingly well. So we have been taking care of these chickens; feeding and cleaning up after them. I always remind my daughter to take care of these duties most of the time unless she is busy working on a school project. I must say, she has done a pretty good job being responsible with the chicken care and coup maintenance duties. I didn’t think she would be able to handle it all, including gathering all the eggs that are laid. We have had some enjoyable breakfasts though because we never have a shortage of eggs. Our daughter even takes fresh eggs to all the neighbors and they are happy to pay cash for them which is going towards our daughter’s college fund. She told us she’s not sure she’s going to a traditional college though, she says she wants to be either a farmer or an HVAC professional.
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