The beach will be much more comfortable in the summer

Following some time spent hanging out with my friends, I just left the beach.

After the sunshine had gone down, we played some volleyball for a few minutes, as well as marveled at the beautiful display of colors mother nature provided.

Going to the beach is like meditation to me, it’s alluring. If I don’t go to the beach for a few minutes each day, I feel like I’m in a fog, wondering what is out there. For the winters, we like to bring out space heaters and keep warm. Some of their units are amazingly compact and simple to move, as well as keeping you warm on those cold Winter days. Radiant oil heaters produce heat and keep us warm. We are not allowed to have bonfires on the beach, so we need to find a legal alternative that is less expensive. Also, I like the small portable battery-operated space heaters since there is no need for gas and they are easy to charge. Although I would love to have a wood burning fireplace on the beach, that is not possible, so we rely on the next best thing to keep us warm as well as bring a space heater. Though, I can’t wait for Summer, because of the natural heat that the sun and earth provide. Nature has her own fireplace to keep us warm.

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