I have a pond full of fish in my backyard

I have a pond full of fish in my backyard that I try to take absolutely wonderful care of.

I care about these fish plus they bring myself and others lots of satisfaction in the Spring plus summer time seasons. However, in the fall when the weather starts cooling down, I start to worry because the freezing temperatures can kill my fish plus that is the last thing that I want to have happen! Of course, I cannot exactly bring them into the cabin plus keep them in my bathtub all Winter time long when the outside temperatures are too freezing for them. I have to figure out a wonderful solution for them, even though I don’t absolutely guess what to do because I don’t have a oil furnace for the pond, plus I don’t absolutely guess where to get one. The two of us used to have a absolutely wonderful landscaping plus home plus garden shop here in town, but it went out of business a long time ago plus now I don’t guess where to go. I looked online for some heating equipment for ponds, even though I have not absolutely been having much luck with that. I was thinking that I might go ask one of the men who works at the local heating plus cooling business if they have any ideas for me.I mean, I guess that a pond is not exactly the same thing as an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system for a house, even though I don’t absolutely guess who else to get any advice from. At this point, it looks love I might have to find some sort of a foster home for my fish until the Spring when the weather starts heating up again!


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