Using air purifiers leads to cleaner indoor air

For sure, I’m still sort of stunned that I dealt with the indoor air condition as long as I did.

But that’s my own fault really.

I was raised to be an independent person by two easily supportive parents! So I tend to be a problem solver and take things on myself… However the smell of my indoor air was just not something I seem to be able to conquer, but I definitely tried and tried and tried to get rid of our smelly air. There are other factors that add to the indoor air problem I had in the house. First, all of us live in a region where the heating and cooling is on pretty much year-round. There isn’t much time in there for throwing the windows open or leaving the screen door wide open for fresh air. Additionally, I have sealed up this current home so narrow in order to maximize the heating and air conditioning unit efficiency. Again not a whole lot of fresh air is moving through there. The heating and air conditioning component just seemed to be recycling the air over and over again. To compound the whole thing there are two adults, several kids, two pets and a pet occupying the same space. I tried every single desmellizer there is. So, I gave up and went to the heating and air conditioning professionals for help. The answer was the whole current home whole-new home air purifier, however once the heating and air conditioning professionals installed it inside the heating and air conditioning equipment, fresh air was on the way. All of us now have the best air quality currency can buy. And frankly, it’s worth every penny to suppose that our current home will consistently smell nice and contribute to our bad respiratory health.

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