It was mostly a buildup of dust in the ductwork.

I called the HVAC company and told them I had a lot of dust in my home, and there was a lack of airflow.

I couldn’t believe how quick the receptionist was to tell me she thought I needed to have the ductwork cleaned.

She said they were common symptoms of a ductwork that was partially clogged. She put me on the schedule for service for the following morning, and tentatively scheduled me for ductwork cleaning in the afternoon. She said that appointment would stand unless the HVAC technician found something else wrong. I appreciated the information she gave me and the swiftness of the appointments, and told her so. When the HVAC technician arrived the next morning, he agreed with the diagnosis of the HVAC dispatcher. He said she had been doing her job for longer than he had been alive. She had a 99% rate in correct diagnosis. He asked if she had set up an appointment with the ductwork cleaners? I told him yes, but he had to call in and tell them. Two hours after the HVAC technician left, the ductwork cleaners arrived. They inspected the ductwork for any cracks or holes, and found several, but they assured me they could easily repair them. They used a large vacuum that was inside one of the service vans, and vacuumed all the dust and debris from the ductwork. They then sprayed in the adhesive into the ductwork to seal the holes and cracks and then a sanitizer was inserted. Not only was the dust gone, but my airflow was corrected, and my house smelled amazing.

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