The HVAC technician thought she tried to commit suicide.

The HVAC technician was supposed to be at my house at 11 AM, but I was so tired I couldn’t stay awake.

The next morning, I awoke in the hospital and didn’t know why. My husband told me that when the HVAC technician arrived, he knocked on the door and saw me lying on the floor. He knew I looked bad, and the worst scenarios were playing through his mind. Either I had a heart attack, tried to commit suicide and overdosed, or he should have been at the house a lot earlier. He opened the windows and doors, called an ambulance, then called the police and fire company. After putting on his hazard suit, he went downstairs and looked at the furnace. There was a crack in one of the main components and it was leaking carbon monoxide into the air. If he hadn’t arrived when he did, I would have died. I began crying when my husband told me what happened. The HVAC technician risked his life by coming into my house. The carbon monoxide could have made him sick almost as bad as it had me. I was so grateful to him that I called the HVAC company while my husband was there. I asked for the HVAC technician who was at my house that day. He was out on another call, but they gave me his name. I called the local flower shop and asked if they did fruit bouquets. I wanted a Thank You card attached, with my name. I also wanted some balloons. My husband told the dispatcher at the HVAC company that he wanted to stop by and give him his personal thank you for saving his wife.

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