Your HVAC professional needs time

I recently heard a recent discussion where a homeowner complained that their HVAC professional takes 8 to 10 hours to handle HVAC installation.

They have built residential rental homes and needed help understanding how one process could take that long.

The homeowners thought it was a sign of incompetence and were looking to replace their HVAC provider with one who would be quick. Having worked for an HVAC business in my gap year, I knew that taking time to install new HVAC equipment or HVAC maintenance was a sign of quality HVAC service. I got curious, so I asked how long they’d had the HVAC repairman working for them and if they’d had any issues with any HVAC unit installed for them. The response was that they had experienced no HVAC issues and had not needed any repairs in five years since the installation and maintenance work was well done. I explained that the best installation practices require the expert to take their time to do it right, ensuring that the units serve you for as long as they are meant to without damage. Quick installations seem appealing, but they will likely be costly in the future, so it is best to stick with a reliable technician even when you think they are taking too long. You could buy top-quality HVAC brands to help with indoor comfort, but the quality is compromised if something goes wrong during installation. If a person is unsure how long a process should take, it’s best to ask the local business to explain what to expect, even for things that seem as simple as thermostat installation.


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