A new energy-efficient AC qualifies for tax credit

Did you know that an energy efficient AC qualifies for tax credit? I had no idea, and it’s the heating and AC professional who informed me when she was at my home.

I’m up-to-date on this state, well, not new, but I’ve only lived here for 6 years.

Before that, I lived in odd countries abroad due to the nature of my task. And before that, I was living at home with my folks up north. Anyway, when I had finally had enough of living abroad, I needed to find a locale to settle. I prefer my folks, even though I didn’t want to move back home. My mom and I have this odd relationship, and she regularly wants to tell me what to do. So, a real bit of distance between us is great for our relationship and my peace of mind. She did try to convince me to purchase a home near them, and even sent me real estate listings. But, I also respectfully declined, and chose to follow my brother. He moved down south after college, and now has a wonderful family. This was my chance to spend time with my 3 nieces, and spoil them rotten. With my sister-in-law’s help, I found a wonderful house, and managed to close the deal since I was a cash buyer. Working abroad has its packs, so I had managed to save a wonderful kitty for myself. I moved back, and started some upgrade toil including adding an up-to-date AC. My brother gave me contacts to this nearby heating and air conditioning business, and they sent an actual heating and air conditioning worker to do an inspection, and suggest the best AC to purchase. This is when he informed me about energy efficient AC units, and the tax credit I could potentially get.