Restoring an old house is hard when you get to the HVAC part

We have been working on restoring an old house for the past several months and up until now, it’s been really easy and fun.

We haven’t really had to make that many hard decisions up until now.

I am at the point right now where we are going to have to decide what to do about the HVAC system. Neither my husband nor I really know all that much about heating and cooling or about whole home air purification systems. We just know that we need one of each in the house that we are restoring. Even though people think that they want to live in a great old house with a lot of unique history, some people don’t know that you have to get zone control heating and cooling for the place. On top of that, you end up fighting about it and your kid starts complaining about the terrible indoor air quality in the place. At least, that’s how it was in the last old house that we restored a couple of years ago. We are getting to be pretty good at it, but as long as there are issues with the heating and cooling systems in these houses, I am always going to insist that we have a professional HVAC technician come in to take care of the heating and cooling for us. I mean, after all, the indoor air quality in your home is more important than anything else is. That’s why I insist on splurging and hiring a great HVAC technician every time since then. I don’t think that it could hurt matters and I’m confident that it could actually help.

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