Switching to central AC was the best idea for my brother and his family

My brother and his partner are simply the best people in the world.

  • And I don’t say that just because I prefer them.

When he met Chloe, I was in my senior year of middle school, and she was one of my educators. Mom and dad were away, so my brother had to come to school as my parents. I didn’t even know they had exchanged numbers. But, I came to learn that he’d asked her out and she said yes. I enjoyed Chloe since she was a great educator, so I had no issue with him asking her out. My one condition was he didn’t break her heart. Fast forward many years later, and they now have 4 wonderful kids after tying the knot. My brother was there for me when the pandemic wiped out my small business and I found myself almost homeless. His home was full, although he and Chloe insisted I move in until I was back on my feet. We went through quarantine, and that’s when I chose to find a task. Chloe did freelance writing, and she introduced me to it. One summer, while I was still there, they opted to switch to central AC, and until then, they had ductless AC units in the house. As much as these were great at cooling the home while in summer, my brother felt a central unit would be more efficient and he was right. He got another local AC business to do the installation, and also fix the duct toil to make sure all was okay.
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