Ventilation air duct cleaning was next on mom’s agenda

I had to apologize as soon as those words left my mouth.

I knew mom heard me and she’d be quite mad at my lack of manners. But, I was still really focused on the game, and didn’t realize I was too hooked. Perhaps a little back story will help. Mom was so wonderful when she allowed me to move back home after I lost my task. It’s not straight-forward to keep paying for another condo in the neighborhood when you don’t have a source of income. So, mom said I could move into the basement until I was back on my feet. But, I also had to help with the bills. She was only asking for $400 a month, so I knew this was straight-forward to do since I make around $790 playing video games. The remaining amount would hold me over until I got another task. The basement is well set up like a small apartment, so I was comfortable, and could play for hours. Last summer, mom told me an actual heating and air conditioning worker was coming over to do some toil on the cooling unit. Since it’s also set up in the basement, he’d have to be there as I was playing my games. I told mom there was no issue with the heating and air conditioning worker coming to do heating and air conditioning service. And he could easily come into the basement to make sure all was okay with the cooling unit. Well, when the heating and air conditioning worker arrived, I was too engrossed in my game to notice him coming down the stairs. He walked up to me and tapped my shoulders then I went off on him since I was losing. Then, I quickly realized what I had done and was so apologetic. Mom heard me and said that wasn’t right, to which I said I had apologized. After residential heating and air conditioning service, she wanted the heating and air conditioning worker to do duct cleaning the next day.

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