Wishing for air purification in cars

One thought that I had recently after reading about bad air quality on dirt roads was the fact that there is no possible air purification for cars! I mean there is no way you can bring even a portable air purification system in a car because it does not run on batteries. What they need to do is start building air purification systems for cars that come out of the same place as the heating and air conditioning. Or better yet, use the concept of whole home air purification systems but put it into a car’s heating and air conditioning. Where you can select the air purifier to come on and blow with the heating or air conditioning. Wouldn’t that be great? I do not know why they have not come up with it yet! I know it would cost more to buy a car with air purification systems in it, but for folks like me it would be an investment that I would not mind making. Because sometimes I drive through bad areas in terms of air quality and my allergies act up. If I had some kind of air purification in the car to go with the central heating and air conditioning system it would not be this way. It would be very helpful as a matter of fact. More than anything! So if any inventors are reading this please think about finding a way to make an air purification system for cars! I would be very very happy about this if it were to happen and buy it right away.


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